What is the bank's routing number?

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  • R T answered 3 years ago
It's a 9 digit code assigned by the ABA that identifies that particular bank. If you look on the bottom of a check, it's the number between the two colon symbols ( |: ).

Here's a place to look up routing numbers http://www.routingnumbers.org/


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  • knitting bear answered 3 years ago
    RT is both right & wrong. The routing number identifies the bank that the account is based out of. Depending on the bank it can id the city the account is in, the state the account is in or just the bank name. Larger banks have more routing numbers because they have more accounts to process.
    The routing number, however, is the first nine digits on the left hand side at the bottom of the check. A personal account will have the account number next & check number last. A business account usually has the check number in the middle & the account number on the right.


    Debt collector & I do check by phone on a daily basis
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