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Hinduism - Can we plant Bilva Tree in the House or Company? Please give me details.?

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    Good question. i will try my level best to answer this question. i will be happy if it gives you satisfaction. Now we will go to the answer.

    my answer: can we plant Bilva Tree in the house or company? we will go step by step.

    what is Bilva Tree?

    Lakshmyaascha stana utpannam Mahaadeva sadaa priyam,

    Bilva vriksham prayachchhaami eka bilvam Shivaarpanam.

    Darshanam bilva vrikshasya sparshanam paapanaashanam,

    Aghorapaapasamhaaram eka bilvam shivarpanam

    Born from the Goddess Lakshmi, the Bilva tree is ever dear to Mahadeva. So I ask this tree to offer a Bilva leaf to Lord Shiva. To have darshan of the Bilva tree, and to touch it, frees one from sin. The most terrible karma is destroyed when a Bilva leaf is offered to Lord Shiva.

    what is the Mahatwam of Bilva Leaf?

    The leaves of Bilwa (Aegle marmelos), which has multiple leaves, with each leaf consisting of three leaves is very dear to Lord Shiva. Offering this leaf to Lord Shiva pleases him especially on the Shivarathri .There are several stories how people got salvation by offering one Bilwa leaf to God Shiva.

    What will be the benefit in doing puja by Bilwa patram to God Shiva?

    Tridalam trigunakaaram trinethram cha triyayusham,

    Trijanma papa samharam Eka bilwam shivarpanam. 1

    I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

    Which has three leaves,

    Which causes three qualities,

    Which are like the three eyes of Shiva,

    Which is like the triad of weapons,

    And which destroys sins of three births.

    The Oneness of Hari and Hara

    Even in Tirumala, Lord Sri Venkateswara is fond of Bilva Patra. So even he is worshipped with Bilva Patram on every friday during the Archana and also on the Maha Shivaraatri day, the lord is worshipped with Bilva Patrams. This signifies that both Hari and Hara are one and the same.

    Can we plant Bilva Tree in the house or company?

    Yes. we can plant Bilva Tree at home. we generally find this tree in Shiva, Goddess and other temples and also in many temples it is a stala vruksha.

    Indians believe that the knowledge of medicinal plants is older than history itself, and according to Swami Sivananda, it is a healing tree which cures all diseases caused by vata (wind) and gives strength to the body.

    The Bilva tree grows in almost all parts of India, irrespective of the nature of the soil, and is bitter, astringent and dry by nature. Tall and austere, with a stern aspect, gnarled trunk and sharp thorns, the Bilva is undoubtedly Lord Shiva’s tree. Shiva is always worshipped with its leaves, and it is said that this tree is much loved by him. It is to be found in all Shiva temples throughout India.

    Since the Bilva Tree beneficial for both spiritual and medical, it is good to plant the Bilva Tree at home is my opinion.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

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    Bilva Leaves

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    In Hinduism the Bilva tree is sacred. It is used in the worship of Shiva, who is said to favor the leaves.It can be planted anywhere. However, while planting Bilva tree it may be kept in that during the Bilva season there is danger from falling fruits which are very hard and heavy and can cause injury and property damage.

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    Of course can be planted in houses, i have two plants in my home. Regardless of any believes, there is a lot of scientific approaches for anything today, believes are depends to individual person and like there is saying in english "whatever floats your boats" right. Besides, there is nothing called superstitious. Everything has formulas and calculations for every materials we use, and every actions that we do. Anyway, do some research before plant bilva plant in home, research about your zone hardiness and soil quality. As Bilva likes good sun, some humidity and good water basically. Bilva plants originally from Himalayas. but it can grow in many other parts of the world as long as it takes what makes bilva grow better. Regardless of any believes, just for the sake of nature and good reasons to grow, please respect the plant and take care the plant if you grow in the home, it takes long time to grow, in fact depends on the growth level based on your place it takes minimum 4 to 5 years to see the 3 leaf structure {if you plant a very small sapling}. I am not sure about your age right now, and remember bilva plant can be really beneficial for your generations of the family.

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      I forgot to mention that i am a botanist and studied about bilva plant.

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    Bilva tree is a sacred tree equal to a shiva-linga. Hence it should not be planted in home or office. The best place for bilva tree is in a temple or in wilderness

    The Bilva tree has been well defined in the Shiva Purana.

    According to the Shiva Purana (7 AD) the Bilva tree is the manifest form of Lord Shiva himself, while all the great tirthas (pilgrimage places) are said to reside at its base. One who worships the shivalingam while sitting under the Bilva, claims this great epic, attains the state of Shiva. Washing the head by this tree is said to be the equivalent of bathing in all the sacred rivers.

    One who performs Bilva pooja with flowers and incense achieves Shiva loka, the abode of pure consciousness, and has happiness and prosperity bestowed upon them.

    The lighting of the deepak (lamp) before this tree bestows knowledge and enables the devotee to merge in Lord Shiva.

    The Shiva Purana also claims that if the devotee removes the new leaves from one of the branches of that tree and worships the tree with them, they will be freed from vice, while one who feeds a devotee under the Bilva will grow in virtue

    • The tree can be grown in your lawns as long as the ladies in the house do not go near it during their menses periods

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    Why you are superstitious about tree/s? who says a particular tree is good or bad to plant.

    Bilva leaves and fruits have very high medicinal value. There is nothing wrong in preparing Murrabba or sweet pickle from Bilva fruit. It is very good to remove false heat collected in stomach by taking doses of antibiotics and helps to reduce constipation too..

    Do not fear. Superstitions weakens your mind and self confidence.

    Any thing good is going to be good always. So go ahead and plant tree any where you like. It is your service to nature and God and human kind.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Hinduism - Can we plant Bilva Tree in the House or Company? Please give me details.?

    Source(s): hinduism plant bilva tree house company give details:
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    We do farming of Bilva, I have near about 200 trees


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    • Hello, would you be willing to offer the live leaves for a new Shiva temple on a regular basis--we would of course remunerate you for the costs of growing and harvesting. Please contact me if so at Thank you, -alison

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    Yes you can plant any where, daily offering water to the tree is equal to RUDRA ABSHEKAM - Vadali. Narasimham

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    You can plant any tree at home or elsewhere. Some trees are selected by people for their medicinal properties.

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