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mankind's manforce - 50 containing cildanafil citrate is for men or women.?

if this is for men can an adult man 25 year old take manforce- 50

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    Sildenafil Citrate( not cildanfil) produces an erection,is fundamentally incorrect. You need to be stimulated to obtain an erection in the normal way.

    It is for men who have erection problems. What this medicine does is it pushes the blood circulation downwards, so when a man who has taken this drug is in the company of a woman or there is a sexual stimuli of any kind his penis is filled with blood and attains a very strong erection. Rest all remains same. A 25 year old man does not need 50 mg tab 25mg half tab is enough if he is normal.

    Taking these tabs 2/3 times a week is not harmful provided the man does not have any blood pressure issues.

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    Mankind Manforce 50

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    Manforce -50 is sildenafil citrate and

    it is for man having erectile dysfunction

    It is not for sexually healthy persons

    Till date women viagra has not come in market

    Very soon it is expected

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    6 years ago

    According to professionals.Most women will experience periods in their life were their libido will be low or completely gone. Experiencing this is normal because there are many factors that can come to play in a women's life. These factors can include hormonal changes such as post pregnancy and pre menstrual, illnesses, physical, psychological, emotional such as stress, and so on. If your sexual problems are making you uncomfortable you should not be afraid to get help.

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    A women's sexual desire can vary a great deal. No sex drive means that you have no desire or do not want to have sex at all. If this is happening constantly then it can be a problem. If you have a low sex drive, that means you don't have much of a desire for sex but you might engage in it once in a while. If you feel like this continuously, it can be an issue. If barely having sex does not bother you a bit then that is quite fine. However, if you're not happy with your lack of desire and enjoyment then it is okay to get medical help.

    Here is a list of top pharmacies that supply women libido enhancers this will react accordingly to professionals.

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    It enhances blood circulation in various organs. Useful in problems related to circulation.

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