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I got a call from an executive from a job portal site...that if I buy their premium paid services, they would custom make and keep my resume in a special database and GUARANTEED that I'll get a job in 3 months.

Is it really worth and true that if you buy premium services from job portals like and, they would find a job in 3 months or at all, and anybody has any experience with these kind of services?

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  • 9 years ago
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    As a job-seeker, you can post your Resume free of cost on most job-sites like Naukri, Monster, Timesjobs, etc. If your profile is good enough, you will get noticed by recruiters / firms even if you haven't opted for Paid Services which cost a lot. However, if your profile isn't attractive (education, exp., etc.) then even if you opt for Paid Services, it won't help you much.

    Ask Naukri / Monster Executive to give you a written "Guarantee" and then negotiate with them on sharing part of your salary which you'll pay them AFTER you get a NEW job through their services. I am 100% sure they will not agree to that, as they are experts at such con jobs cheating eager and desperate job-seekers Certainly not worth spending so much money, in my opinion. If you feel your Resume isn't shaped up well, then you could visit a Resume Writer (some Placement Agencies too offer this service) who will charge you much less and do it to your satisfaction, unlike job-sites who'll charge you Rs. 2000-5000 depending on your experience / profile. Moreover, have noticed that Resumes developed by such job-sites are heavily plagiarized (and so are Cover Letters) and follow certain standard templates which they 'customize' to your profile. What a shame !!!

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    Naukri Premium Services is the biggest waste of money encountered. I paid 10000 INR and all i get is a bunch of SMS and emails to click on for applying jobs. There is no personalized care, no one talking regularly. Even the resume and cover letter was just english reworked that i had submitted - no expertise experienced at all. I am a senior professional with 16 years of experience and this is the least that I would expect. Most of the time the job mails are irregular and I do not experience anything better than regualr naukri free service. I did not receive a single call from a consultant checking on my progress... no niche jobs have been offerred, most of the time the jobs on SMS and jobs on email are either outdated, repetitive and of course the same jobs keeps getting sent again and again.


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    when i made my profile i got job in 2 months, but when i done for the second time no response from any one. I feel you are so much frustrated with out job you can take a chance to become paid, still the chance is 50-50.

  • They will not give any guarantee for finding a job within 3 months or whatever period. They will push your resume front for view of employers. Please avoid such temptations. They are not useful.

  • 6 years ago

    Never ever entertain this guys they always want to take advantage of your situation. when you try to caught them they will simply phone put down.One more thing they all are interlink if you got call from monster then you must have get call form naukri,times, wisdom, shine also. they all are big lair.

  • 5 years ago

    I think if our profile is good enough and there is no need to buy paid service

  • 4 years ago

    I found that the behavior of these consultants at Nauki is very unprofessional. That itself reduces the reliability of their paid services.

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