Parents are legally allowed to hold their children under 18 but the moment i turn 18?

Im 17 to start. I know legally, my parents have the right to control what i'm doing and my curfews. But the moment I turn 18... because I will be an adult, will I have the legal right to do what I want, while still living under their roof?

I know living at home by that age is kind of dumb but my college is right around the corner and its kind of pointless to get a dorm room when im 5 minutes away

ALSO -- I know i'll see some answers like "You live under your parents roof and as long as you do that they have every right to control you" WELL, im asking LEGALLY.


I did not at any time say that I wasn't going to follow their rules, I was just wondering legally. I'm acting like a child? I'm asking a mature question.

Update 2:

I realize they can kick me out...

Update 3:

By the way, this is completely hypothetical. I'm not saying at any time that I'm going to disrespect my parents.

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  • Irene
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    4 years ago

    Dear questioner, While a minor, (an individual under the age of 18)You are 100 % protected by the proprietary protection laws of the United States. Parental jurisdiction is limited in many ways, one of the many ways it is limited is in property laws. I'll explain why here. 1. As long as the minor has obtained the item that complies with all laws included, but not limited to: federal, state, and local laws. Then you are protected. 2. As long as you the minor have a job that holds legal status under the various employment laws meaning taxation and the such. Then you are protected. 3. No property law of the United States is based on an age restriction. Accept guns, weapons, or drugs. And operating a vehicle. Among others. 4. If a parent gives a child (a person under 18). Money, or any other item, then by the property laws of this nation it's considered a gift. Which means it cannot be forcibly taken back by the donor. Otherwise it's theft. 5. While a minor is under the jurisdiction of a legal guardian or parent. It does not give the person of authority the right to break the law. It says in the Constitution of the United States. " no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law" that's the reason the police need a signed search warrant in order to search and or seize private property. 6. It is true that a minor is under the control of a legal guardian. But control does not grant extra rights. It is considered theft for a person of authority to seize your lawfully obtained funds, (Paycheck) and or other legal gains of funds. Even if you are a minor. 7. A minor does not have to pay rent or any other form of payment in order for the laws of the United States or any other country to be in full effect. A minor only needs to lawfully obtain a piece of property.: phone, bike, car, etc. and use those items in accordance with all laws that govern you. To be protected by the various laws. 8. While a parental figure can deny the minor the right to use the guardians electricity. It does not grant the legal guardian the right to seize legally obtained property. 9. The only way a parent could lawfully seize property would be if the minor obtained the property illegally. And or if the minor is committing or has committed an action which is deemed illegal by the laws that govern you as a legal citizen.

  • SarahT
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    8 years ago

    While living under their roof, you will still be subject to their rules. If you don't like the rules, then you can move out. If you break the rules, then they can kick you out. In most states, as long as your in high school, your parents are still responsible.

    They cannot LEGALLY control what you do, but you would have to LEGALLY take responsibility for any of your actions.

    If you feel you are an adult, then be an adult, sit down and talk with your parents and come to an agreement on what they expect of you if you are going to live there and what you expect from them. Adults do talk.

  • 8 years ago

    AT 18, you have the legal right to make your own decisions.

    "I know i'll see some answers like "You live under your parents roof and as long as you do that they have every right to control you" WELL, im asking LEGALLY."

    Does that not answer your own question??? It is simply another way to say that when you are 18, they still have legal authority to make the rules in their home, and ENFORCE those rules. They have the legal authority to ENFORCE those rules, and thus, the consequences of your failure to abide by the rules.

    Does not mean you are planning to disrespect them. Does not mean that they won't be more lenient as to what those rules are.

    It means that yes, they legally have the right to continue choosing what their rules are, in order for you to continue living in their home. The same would apply to ANYONE living in their home.

  • 8 years ago

    Your parents may give you some additional privileges, such as an extended curfew, once you turn 18 (or graduate from high school, whichever comes first). Technically, yes you're an adult at 18, but if you're going to continue to live with your parents through your college years, you should still do your best to respect their rules.

    Your complete freedom and legal rights as an adult will not occur until you are officially on your own, with your own rent to pay.

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  • 8 years ago

    When you live under your parents roof of course they will expect you to live by their rules unless you help them pay a bill or give them money to help out with something. In the American culture when you are 18 you say you're an adult but to me the right age should've been at least 21. Growing up I thought my parents were overprotective in so many ways. I was 22 when I finally moved out of my parents home to join the military. When I went into the military I was grateful for every strict rule my parents put me through as it helped me cope with life's lessons. I noticed in boot camp I was able to handle more things than any person. When I had my daughter that was when my eyes opened to everything my parents said like "you wont every know what we say is right until you have a kid" and it is so true. Staying with my parents allowed me to learn to live on my own as my mom always said "come look at how i cook because if you marry someone that doesnt know how to cook as least you can cook". I have met so many girls along the way that don't even know how to cook simple scramble eggs and it makes me appreciate my mother. even as a single dad I am thankful to know how to cook. Anyways, if you live with your parents make sure you help them clean or give money to pay a bill. they will appreciate it and you can enjoy the luxury of staying there even through college.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You can construct the most elaborate argument you wish. When you live in their house... their rules. Are you paying for college yourself? Guess what? And yes.... legally. Did it not occur to you that once you're 18 they can throw you out on your a** and there's nothing you can do about it? So that door swings both ways. And honest to God I'm not trying to be rude... but for someone who is talking about being on the threshold of adulthood you're sounding an awful lot like a small child.

  • 8 years ago

    You said it yourself, they have every right to tell you what to do. This is more of a moral than legal issue. You are bound by more laws now that you are legal of age. Think before acting or they may kick you out of the house

  • wizjp
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    8 years ago

    "living under their roof?.

    Still their rules. Your legal; but they pay the rent.

    Legally? No. But Legally, you fail to follow their rules and LEGALLY you are on the street fending for yourself. Unlike 17

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    When you turn 18 you can do whatever you want bug you still have to sometimes listen to what tour parents tell you legally you don't have to listen to them but if you song they will kick you out

  • They have the legal right to throw you out if you don't abide by the house rules. It sounds like you're itchin' to do things your parents won't approve of. I suggest you destroy yourself in the privacy of your own place.

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