What do you think is the best possible solution of kashmir dispute?

1) Carrying out plebiscite in kashmir under UN supervision, which indian government, UNSC resolutions(of which both pakistan and india are signatory) has declared to people of kashmir

2) Leaving kashmir as an independent nation

3) Full accession & merger of kashmir with pakistan

4) Full accession & merger of kashmir with india

5) Dividing kashmir into two halves, hindu majority areas to be with india & muslim majority areas to be with pakistan

6) Dividing kashmir into two halves on the basis of language speaking population, urdu speaking population with pakistan & hindi speaking population with india

7) Jammu with india, azad kashmir with pakistan, kashmir valley as independent country

8) Status Quo

Plz dont engage in war or words. And plz dont post answers based on your emotions be logicall & unbiased.


Steel lol, america is involved in kashmir. America always vetoed in favor of kashmiri plebiscite in UNSC! Obama in his election campaign promised to help in soughting out solution for kashmir dispute.

Update 2:

Amit, i respect your answer but it isn't based on logic. Paritition of indian subcontinent was based on two nation theory, muslim majority areas were supposed to go to pakistan and hindu majority areas to pakistan. Kashmir has >75% muslim majority population, as per you if pakistan was created for muslims then kashmir should have been part of pakistan. And about pandits there have been many pro-pakistani pandit leaders in kashmir like pandit Prem nath bazaz, Pandit Bushan etc.. Pandit Prem nath bazaz is also an author of internationally famous book "history of freedom struggle of kashmir". Do give it a read...

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    9 years ago
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    United Nations Security council(UNSC) is above every nation's view or decision or intention or action. UNSC weighed all possibilities in detail & finally decided FREE & IMPARTIAL PLEBISCITE being ONLY solution to the problem as an UNEQUIVOCAL one. Any other solution can NEVER be fully accurate & transparent. India did NOT want JUST, HONEST & TRANSPARENT solution, is clear from attitude about Kashmiris. Everyone must know that UNSC declared 1. Kashmir a DISPUTED territory, 2. PEOPLE of Kashmir, the ONLY PARTY to decide the fate of Kashmir as per wishes of everyone to be tested DIRECTLY in ONE STEP & 3. The plebiscite would be free & impartial only when there will be no army man & no civilian of either India or Pakistan remaining in any part of the state so that there is NO INFLUENCE or chance of RIGGING in plebiscite exercise fully under UN control. The result at the end is to be ratified bt PLEBISCITE ADMINISTRATOR nominated by UNSC. Sir Owen Dixon was nominated in 1950. Dixon was doing everything efficiently but India's Nehru was trying everything to SABOTAGE his efforts to evade & obfuscate plebiscite, everything being ON RECORD of UNO. Thus, according to UNSC resolutions, FIRST PlEBISCITE is to be done. After that later, the state can decide whether to let that remain united or be divided on lingual or communal or any line, being state's internal matter, NOT coming within purview of UNSC. So, FIRST thing must be done first. Kashmir issue is NOT TO BE MIXED with other IRRELEVANT matters, not coming in the way in UNSC decisions. Mixing is only a DIRTY TRICK for deliberate DIVERSION FROM CENTRAL POINT to SABOTAGE the main aim as Nehru was doing like BAGULA BHAGAT, Chanakya, Kautilya & Machiavelli, MOST UNWARRANTED & Indian policy after him too continued on that unprincipled stand. Nehru knew well that LEGALLY, India's case of Kashmir is VERY WEAK(comparable to parallel case of Junagarh). Kautilya, Chanakya & Bagula Bhagat,... may belong to some faith or group but NEVER any PRINCIPLED HUMAN SOCIETY. Other possibilities as solutions people are floating to deliberately confuse the world & further delay to let the area fuming indefinitely. Such acts can not help diffusing volatile situations. Language has nothing to do with the dispute. India's Mumbai(Bombay) city has population of >2,00,00,000 people in 500 square km area divided into > 50 different lingual groups & entering any other lingual area people feel as if they entered in any foreign land having nothing matching in culture at all. Even then all co-exist in the same nation like foreigners settled in Australia. Kashmiri Pundits are very small in number, less than total number of people dying in road accidents every year, as said by late Indira Gandhi(d/o a Kashmiri Pundit) in 1984. She meant that even if all Kashmiri pundits are killed it will be a negligible thing for her like dead people of road accidents every year. They're too small & so, negligible to be considered in any decision. USA takes too much interest in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Libya, Middle East b coz of oil & other natural resources like an OPPORTUNIST but for Kashmir, it is said to be NONE of their business. If tomorrow, oil, gold or Uranium is discovered there, it will suddenly become their business like a greedy nation. People of such UNPRINCIPLED stand have NO MORALITY & hence are NOT RELIABLE. I've seen Kashmir in detail, even sloppy thickly wooded areas, west of Gulmarg habitated by Gujjars & Bakkarwals(all against India). Morale of Indian army is very low. Every soldier wants to go back home. India will flee from Kashmir like former Soviet Union fled Afghanistan in 1989. All Indians vomiting communal venoms here can not withstand even a day in so cold snowy area. A UNSC resolution can not be cancelled OUSIDE UNO. Only UNSC can change that with a new resolution like any court judgement can be done so by another judgement after review, NOT out of the court. KARGIL conflict(mini war) has killed 10 divisions of India in 77 day(11week) period & India gained NOTHING. PEOPLE(most important party to the dispute) has REJECTED India.

    Edit : HURRIYAT CONFERENCE should distribute pamphlets to people on which it is to be written that whether Kashmir is to be with India or NOT giving the answer YES or NO. Collecting tthe same & adding all results will show the result accurately. Submit the result to UNSC & air in international media. World can't ignore that.

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    9 years ago

    It's interesting that you wanted a civilized discussion with no war of words yet you reply to Amit's response as illogical. Well you have included the answer as 1 option in your question.

    Pakistan believes in this Two Nation Theory, India does not. Pakistan was created for the muslim majority areas of British India.

    By this logic (that Kashmir was a muslim majority kingdom) Nepal should merge with India as it is 80+% Hindu.

    8. The only possible solution seems is Status quo.

    As much as I want India to take back the state of Jammu and Kashmir it is not possible to have any new borders because of our govt. Moreover ask yourself - Will Pakistan agree to plebiscite in the whole state of Jammu Kashmir, including the Gilgit and Baltistan areas which Pak doesn't even consider it a part of JK and made it a province bcos it is a strategic land connecting Pak to China!

    - Not only India, but China and even Pakistan don't want an independent Kashmir in the region. If the so called "Azad Kashmir" is an independent country why does it have to abide by the Pakistan constitution and not apply for UN membership like Palestine tried this year!

    @ zam zam

    dude you need to check the UN resolution (check UNSC 47 passed in 1948.) It calls for Pakistan to first vacate its soldiers, tribesmen and militants from J-K, and hand it to India. India to have minimum army there and then a UN mandated plebiscite.

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    9 years ago

    Kashmir becoming an independent state is not an option. Though the "public" of Kashmir may like this but an independent Kashmir will not be able to survive unless it has a really good relation with India and China both. Even with a good relation it will be too landlocked to have a sustainable economy.

    Dividing in 2 is also no a good option. People will never be satisfied with what they get.

    According to me if Pakistan stop making it an issue and India is given an opportunity to treat Kashmir as any other state of India instead of a disputed state where they need to have total control, Kashmir may actually become a stable part of India.

  • 9 years ago

    Hi, Kashmir is not disputed land.Don't see it is a dispute between two nations, it is the emotional issue of Kashmir people.The best way to address their aspirations is conducting a "Plebiscite" in entire Jammu&Kashmir under the supervision of United nations and international court of justice observers in a free and fair manner.Both India and Pakistan should abide by the outcome of this "Plebiscite" and go ahead as good neighborhood nations after this exercise.The expenditure on defense in both countries depriving the poor and common people from many amenities.The plebiscite should give a permanent and viable solution to Kashmir people's emotional distress.MANO

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  • 9 years ago

    4) Full accession & merger of Kashmir with India.

    first of all if Kashmir dissolved in other country either it is Pakistan or it is China Or if it is independent then

    The other states also claim to be independent this will leads to harm Nation's unity.

    Kashmir actually don't have resources to survive as a Nation and China or Pakistan will not leave (As Nobody loose chance to get piece of cake) Kashmir to be independent. The result will be Kashmiri will be in trouble and india will have closer threat from Pakistan and China plus disturbed unity.

    these are not only assumptions just see in history carefully u can see the nature and politics of our so called neighbors China and Pakistan.

  • 9 years ago

    The best thing will be to leave them as an independent nation. But that may not be acceptable to India.

    Second best in my view will be a plebiscite. But this again may be very tricky task, because this will lead to an unrest in the rest of India.

    All the other options are not practical and discussing those will be a waste of time.

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    9 years ago

    4) Full accession & merger of kashmir with india

    the muslims had their pakistan in 1947, not a single inch will be given out now. if they love pakistan so much, let them migrate and settle there and be killed by talibanis.

    Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri pundits.

    @Zam Zam

    Typical muslim attitude- first kill the population who are not muslims and then claim the area is theirs. Kashmir itself is named after Sage Kashyap (vedic saint). muslims have no business here. wish it is nuked to get rid of muslims and then start afresh.

    it was because of that idiot nehru that this problems remains when he talked about plebiscite without consulting sardar patel. If patel had been the 1st PM, the separatist rats would have been silenced then and there.

    @psycholo... do you think pakis will agree if they lose the plebiscite? LOL they are eternal terrorists, beggars and two faced snakes.

  • 9 years ago

    when pakistan attacked kashmir in 1948, it resorted to arson, loot, rapes and annihilation of kashmiris including kashmiri muslims.When pakistan realised after having three wars with india that

    india is much more powerful, it decided to adopt dirty tactics( the same they did in east pakistan--now bangladesh) and it boomranged on them.Firstly formation of pakistan was totally unjust.It was a dirty strategy of america & UK and indian politicians fell into the trap.

    what pakistan did in kashmir was-- provoking the people against indian establishment, bribing the local politicians and resorting to terror.One should not give much importance to what UN thinks.it is the baby of america&UK.Why UN is not telling china to return our 70000 square miles territory which they captured in 1962? why are they not telling china that tibet is a disputed territory? why are they not telling pakistan to ask back the disputed territory of kashmir which they gifted to china as if it was their pops teritory?

    india is a secular , democratic nation( mind u even america calles themselves as christain nation)

    and muslims in india are much more comfortable than any muslim nation in the world and that includes pakistan aswell.( shia-sunni figts in pakistan are rampant). yes, people in kashmir have

    problems like development,infrastructure, employment and the same problems are faced byany other state of india.So in the long run kashmiris will always benefit because of their india association and not with notorious country like pakistan which is full of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, terrorism . So india should not give a dam to what obama says or UN says or UK says.firstly Un should force pakistan to return the kashmir territory illegally occupied by them and they should also tell china to do so.Un should also declare that kashmir is an integral part of india

    (like they now talk about tibet although tibet was never an integral part of china). Unlike china or pakistan we did not invade kashmir. US and UK created pakistan ( by cutting indian land) to neutralise india.they should now stop provoking UN and should start worrying about china aggression.

  • 9 years ago

    Just pull the security forces off the street for a year and let the paki sent terrorists have a free run. You will find Geelani and Zam Zam demanding return of the security forces with full AFSPA.

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  • 9 years ago

    4) Full accession & merger of kashmir with india

    Because it you look at history (and what went on after the partition) then it rightfully belongs to India.

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