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Deep rooted customs of Hinduism--- Dont these reject wholly false forged ""aryan-dravida"" divide theory?

In north India, one will not find even a single COCONUT tree. COCONUT tree is grown in abundance along coastal areas much far away from north India.

But, we find primary significance of coconut associated with religious rituals & social customs & culture in north India.

1:-During worshipping rituals of Hinduism the ""Kalash( COCONUT on top of water filled pot)"" is main deity.

2:-Copra(dry COCONUT) is offered to sacred Fire while Havan & Yagya.

3:-COCONUT is offered in Hindu temples as main item.

4:-Sisters gift the fruit of COCONUT to their brothers on various occasions.

5:- In laws of a boy/girl gift him/her copra(dry COCONUT) on various occasion right from the time of engagement.

6:-In the homes of typical north Indian communities, lots of COCONUTs get collected during festival seasons or auspicious occasions of marriage etc.

It is strange that NOT EVEN A SINGLE COCONUT TREE in north India but such a deep & strong relation & bond with COCONUT.

What does this reflect???

Whether these typical north Indian communities of Hindus originated and migrated from some coconut producing area somewhere in southern India ???

One thing is clear that ""arya-dravida"" racial theory is nothing but bundle of lies spread by sons of satan.

It must be discarded.

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    Salaam Dear Brother.

    You have a good observation there. I wanted to mail you but you don't allow mail. :)

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    The entire country was populated by dravidians right through history. hence the harappan & mohenjodaro sites are dravidian. Except for Greek invasion by Alexander & by mongoliods in north east,there is NO migration of any aryan race. The problem is some vested interets dont want to accept that the North indians are a mixed race of Hindus & Muslims due to the long 700+ yrs rule. Not sure if people know that "Hindi" word is persian in origin & is 90% persian. thats why the north indian people worship dark gods like Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu etc.. they are all dravidian gods with customs/rituals.

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    9 years ago

    the entire indian subcontinent was of aryans. there has been no migrations.

    as for you...

    One stupid question a day

    Keeps the muslim troll Rajan (fake name)

    happy and GAY

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    9 years ago

    well great observation, dear sir. but aryan - dravidian theory has some logic to it.

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    9 years ago

    My friend, please stop talking stupidity

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