I am 17 year and i shaved ma pubic area for the first time and its really itchy..?

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i shave ma pubic area yesterday with a razor and now its all itchy and has a lot of red rashes pls help
i also tried applyin moisterusing cream...
Update : how to get rid of the rashes pls help?
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Please apply QUADIDERM SKIN OINTMENT over the effected area & massage gently till is is absorbed by skin , twice daily for 3 days you will get rid of your problem.


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  • Jaya answered 2 years ago
    Don't fear dear. You may use hair remover creams (if not sensitive to your skin-just have a check). If you want to shave, always use standard brands of ladies razor; after shaving, use plenty of clean lukewarm water to clean your pubic area; if itching continues, apply some facial cream, within seconds; it will become shiny also
    I started shaving from my 14th age


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  • IRRELIGIOUS answered 2 years ago
    I have already answered this question. Pl. go through the same.
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  • Top Source answered 2 years ago
    A warning not to shave.
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  • sunny a answered 2 years ago
    consult physician
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  • jose answered 2 years ago
    yep been there done that, looks like herpes and itches like hell especially when you walk. just trim from now on. my roommate says he shaves and doesn't get the bumps after a few weeks of doing it every few days, like to toughen the skin i guess? personally i just trim before a date. gets the job done and still looks manly
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  • Laurie answered 2 years ago
    the itchiness will go away in around 24hrs...its best to do it at night before bed..then apply moisturiser...so your hair can soften out overnight

    when you shave, like shaving your face...the hair ends become sharp...unlike when your hair on your head has grown for weeks and is soft at the tip
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  • AY answered 2 years ago
    It's cause of in grown hairs and razor burn. Next time use a shaving cream before hand to soothe your skin. Don't worry this is NORMAL hahah.
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  • Jo┼żo answered 2 years ago
    Is there lots of little red bumps too? You didn't do it properly. Next time just trim it. And unless you shave your entire body, it would look stupid having that one bare spot.
    Oh, and look forward for weeks and weeks of itchiness.
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  • Chunky Lard answered 2 years ago
    Maybe you should have left it hairy and feral.
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