Oh empathy, where is your warmth, oh 1%, does it live on in some secret place?

'Putting these trends into dollars, households in the top 1% gained an average of $4.5 million in wealth and households in the next 4% gained an average of $1.2 million over the period. It is worth restating that those are just their gains. How does your existing wealth stack up against their gains? '

'The percentage of Americans living in poverty hit 15.1 per cent, the highest percentage since 1993 (see below). There are now 46.2 million people living below the poverty line, the greatest number ever recorded by the Census Bureau. Child poverty stood at 22 per cent.'


'Figure 2 shows the share of total income growth in each time period that was captured by the top 1% of households. Over the years 1976 to 2007, these households captured 58% of all income generated. Their share was an astounding 65% in the period 2002 to 2007. '

Does empathy mean you are stupid?


My jealousy killed my IQ, interesting theory. Where did you invest your families trust fund. BP?

Update 2:

You didn't earn your SS by telling people to 'quit your bithin' did you?

Update 3:

You don't like empathy? let's cut your SS. No empathy returns returns no empathy. :-B

Update 4:

No doubt

Update 5:

Empathy is super human? Hmmmm. I doubt it.

Update 6:

I choose Yes, but God only knows why. :-)

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  • Rama
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    9 years ago
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    How many rooms, bathrooms would their houses need?! I mean, it is not even fun for hide and seek. No one will ever find no one. and imagine if the kid gets stuck in one of the washrooms.. you would loose weight just by walking around... Lol

    Now, who is stupid?!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ever since man wore animal skins and lived in caves there have been those who would take more than their share and would use others as slaves and vassals. Always there have been the clever, the talented and the greedy who have lived well off the labours of the rest.

    It will, I think take evolution rather than revolution to change this state of affairs, it seems so deeply ingrained in our psyche.

    The degree to which a society looks after its poorest and most vulnerable is a measure of its true civilisation.

  • 9 years ago

    Your jealousy is showing big time. Go to college for 8 years, as my son did. Get a good idea and market it, as some others have. Become a famous actor or singer, or learn to play football or basketball. Then you could become one of the 1%. The idea that they have done nothing to earn their money irks me.

    They owe you or me nothing. It is not their fault that I am poor and living on ss. Get a life and earn your own money, or go to a Socialist country. But really just quitcherbitchin.

    I earned my SS by working since the day I turned 14. Go ahead and cut it, jerk, and I will learn to live on what I have left without crying about what someone else has.

    Dr Yes Of course it amazes you that someone can think of what is best for their country and not what might benefit them personally. Spoiled brats never get that kind of thinking.

  • MamaDixie will start bitchin when the GOP cuts her SS and Medicare. It still amazes me how poor cons support the very people who openly state how they will stick it to the poor.

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