Looking for a 90s rock song...?

Came out around '95 or '96, a post-grunge alternative song. I cannot for the life of me remember either the band or song name, and the only lyrics I remember were "Stay with me, Diana". I'm typically encyclopedic when it comes to music, but I'm at a complete loss on this one. It received a nominal amount of airplay, but disappeared quickly despite being, I thought, a decent song. If I'm not mistaken it's about a guy in love with an under-aged girl. I remember trying to learn to play it on guitar and think it may have been in Drop D standard.

A bit more info: it had heavy distortion guitar and a moderate-tempo. I've googled it 'til I'm blue in the face, but all the results I get are Paul Anka and it's DEFINITELY not him. 90s grunge/alternative fans, please come to the aid of a fellow Generation X-er!


@Pancake - no. Bobby Rydell was a singer back in the '60s. This was a hard rock song from the mid-90s.

Update 2:

Lucy -- thanks for trying, but that's not it either. That OLP song is from '02; this is a song from the mid-90s. Thanks again, though. :)

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    Our Lady Peace - Innocent

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  • 4 years ago

    properly, sounds to me like your searching for "college Rock". some bands/songs out around that era which have been distinctly super in college cities are: Seven Mary 3 - cumbersome Seven Mary 3 - Waters side Collective Soul - Shine Collective Soul - December Collective Soul - the place The River Flows Collective Sould - the worldwide i understand gas - Hemorage Tonic - in case you are able to desire to in ordinary terms See Marcy Playground - intercourse and candy Ben Folds 5 - Brick good good Bosstones - The impact That i'm getting there is a few,... desire that facilitates you out.

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  • 9 years ago

    Is it possible it may be bobby Rydell?

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