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Which game is older, cricket or baseball?(Details and dates do help!)?


I asked this question, cause an American friend of mine had an argument stating that baseball was older than cricket and that it didn't come off cricket.His point was "rounders" was the older form of baseball/softball, so technically Baseball is older than cricket, but he also went on to state that officially, cricket is older.Anyway it doesn't matter what he thinks.It a fact that cricket was and is older than baseball.

Also,after doing a bit of extensive reacher myself, i found out that Cricket has more similarities with its ancestoral game "stoolball" that dates back to 15th century, in Sussex, southern England.It was interesting to find out that,traditionally it was played by milkmaids who used their milking stools as a "wicket".


Initially i thought too that baseball came off cricket,but found out that rounders had more similarities to baseball/softball than cricket.Rounders originated in E

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    Cricket is by far the oldest,evidence of cricket having been played goes back to the 16th century.Baseball wouldn't have been round for even 1 century & is a cheap spin off from cricket.

    Edit: on googling I find that baseball was actually brought to America by Englishmen in the late 18th century so America can't even claim baseball as their own,lol. It is thought it developed from the game of rounders or one of several games of that type.

    Edit 2, You obviously missed my edit Neil,when I mentioned rounders or one of those games that also included those French games.I got my info from the history of baseball,see the link.


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    Cricket is older, the first definite mention of the game is found in a 1598 court case concerning an ownership dispute over a plot of common land in Guildford, Surrey. A 59-year old coroner, John Derrick, testified that he and his school friends had played creckett on the site fifty years earlier when they attended the Free School. Derrick's account proves beyond reasonable doubt that the game was being played in Surrey circa 1550, the first published account of baseball wasn't untill 1744 where a publication in England by children's publisher John Newbery called A Little Pretty Pocket-Book includes a woodcut and a rhyme entitled "Base-ball." There were older games that can be seen as precursers to both games.

    If you want the modern versions of the game, the first international cricket match was played in 1844 while the first official game of baseball played with codified rules was 19th June 1846.

    Edit: I disagree with Binga, the two games are mutually exclusive. Baseball didn't stem from cricket both games come from similar early games like La soule, a french game that dates back as far as the 1300s and Stoolball, an English game of the 1500s, both appear to be precursors for both Cricket and Baseball as they share similar characteristics.

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    Baseball is older than cricket as a french manuscript from 1344 contains an illustration of clerics playing a game, possibly la soule, with similarities to baseball. whereas as cricket started in 15th century During the 17th century, numerous references indicate the growth of cricket in the south-east of England. By the end of the century, it had become an organised activity being played for high stakes and it is believed that the first professionals appeared in the years following the Restoration in 1660. A newspaper report survives of "a great cricket match" with eleven players a side that was played for high stakes in Sussex in 1697 and this is the earliest known reference to a cricket match of such importance.

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    Michael Douglas BQ: Calum Worthy

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    Cricket is older than basket ball.

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    Cricket is the older of the two. The details Bingabells provided are correct.

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    i havnt googled this but from what i can remember baseball was invented as an alternative to cricket by the americans ,because they didnt want to play cricket because of the connection with the brittish there former colonial masters

    i think baseball did stem from cricket because they used to play cricket all the time in the old americas

    before Independence

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    i dont know about baseball is older or not, but cricket has been changed the orginal cricket is died

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    Both games stem from one Stone Age man named Ugh (an Englishman). The game was called 'Ugga Chaka' which is a forty thousand year old game. In this game you have to take runs, (or the Sabre Tooth Tiger will get you), throw the piece of wood ( and hope it scares away the Tiger), and you can be run out, (run out of luck if the Tiger catches you), as well.

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