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Was Martin Luther King a christian?

I am so confused because some people think he was and some people think he wasn't.

The first link said that he was a strong christian:

Then this said that he definitely wasn't a christian

I thought he was a christian before. Does anyone know for sure?

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    Many Christians claim that others are not...

    One of the endearing things about Christianity... consistency...

    None of them seem to be able to agree on much within their own 'faith and beliefs'...

    I have no reason to believe he was anything other than what he claimed to be... a Christian minister.


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    He was a Baptist minister.

    He became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, when he was twenty-five years old.

    He studied theology and received a Doctorate of Philosophy on June 5, 1955 from Boston University with a dissertation on "A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman".

    He founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

    Most definitely a Christian

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    Martin Luther King received his PhD in Systematic Theology from Boston University and was the Pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. Sadly, in the eyes of the ignorant conservative bigots who pose as "Christians" these days, Dr. King's credentials apparently disqualify him from being considered a "true" Christian -- being too educated and too liberal.

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    hi, Lucie! A literal interpretation of the Bible does not a Christian make, even if almost all of us interior the secular international assumes that it does. the reality that Dr. King got here approximately to be a Baptist minister *** civil rights chief does not, in itself, make him unique; lots of the extra remarkable human beings in touch interior the circulate additionally occupied a place of a few style interior the church. A Christian, strictly talking, is one which follows the training of Christ as set down through His apostles; it additionally implies an popularity of His legend, written some 3 or 4 hundred years after His loss of life. If Dr. King had reservations with connection with the beginning of Christ--what we've come to renowned because of the fact the stainless theory--and Jesus' declare to the Throne because of the fact the Son of God, nicely, he became into not on my own. Biblical scholars have been wrestling with this component of latest testomony hagiography for eons, ever because of the fact it became into entered into the Christian canon around the fourth century A.D. Dr. King embraced those nicely-worn tenets as all fundamentalist preachers interior the previous had performed, giving the earnings of the doubt to an inescapable end that those issues, in spite of the undeniable fact that marvelous or otherworldly, can not ever be proved or disproved, that the data as laid out interior the Bible could be taken on faith. Withal, Dr. King became into nonetheless a guy. He had doubts, he feared loss of life (interior the form of assassination), he had vices, he became into untrue to his spouse. Of all the flaws that we are able to learn, and at which we are able to ask your self, is the tip that as a Christian he became into not infallible--that Christians are actually not neophyte deities yet people who, with the aid of faith, aspire to be something extra beneficial than their lives might in any different case advise.

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    Martin Luther King was indeed a Christian. He was a spiritual leader who was instrumental in many positive social changes in the US.

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    The second link is off the rocker- the guy simply enjoyed demonizing MLK. Typical....

    As far as I understand MLK was a christian?

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    He was a Christian. The people who say otherwise are self-righteous Christians who think they have a divine mandate to deem who is and who isn't a genuine Christian.

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    No one knows. Don't believe everything you read. Look at the man's actions. In my opinion he was a Christian who gave his life for people.

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    yes he was a christian he even did sermons if you listen to his speeches many of them has christian values his faith is what made him such a good cilvil rights leader he wanted freedom not just for blacks but other races. for some reason theres alot of people that didnt know that

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    Only two people can answer that, Martin Luther King and God.

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