Moving into a new house traditions?

Me and my family are going to be moving into a new home come the new year. I am wondering if there are any traditions when moving into a new home that might bring the new owners luck, love, health, harmony or anything like that?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Stock the kitchen with these 3 items:

    Bread - so you'll always have wealth

    Salt - so you'll always have good luck

    Wine - so you'll always have good spirits

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I would say no. It depends a lot on how sensitive you are to stuff like that, but, at the very least there should be a priest blessing the house, or someone cleansing the air (native cleansing works beautifully - sage and sweetgrass and the chant - anyway they know what they are doing). The problem with this house is that, if it is haunted it is not by pleasant spirits, these are people who were taken violently and may not even know they are dead. At the very least the energies given off by the family living there and the agony they went through still resides in the atmosphere. Energy is absorbed by things, including walls and floors and even if there is no spirits there, that energy will still be, perhaps in just a very uncomfortable feeling, or feeling anxious. If you can visit this place, taking an animal like a dog with you (animals sense many things we can't) and just get a feeling for the place. If there's something that just doesn't feel right to you, don't waste your money. It's a known haunted house, you aren't likely to make a big profit off of it when you do sell.

  • t-rexs
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    9 years ago

    mom says to have the priest come over a do a house blessing

    so all that may enter its doors be blessed with good health - long life - many friends - loving family - and wealth

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