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What's the catch between Att dsl without phone line at 24.95$ and home phone service plus dsl at 19.95?

Sounds to good to be true, as I spoke with sale rep. They advised me the dsl will be 24.95 (there r other option $19.95) but I was interested in the 24.95. So I fished for information becuz they don't really tell you everything. Yet advised me it's 24.95advance + equipment fee for a modem (I wanted a $99 one) $100 so basically my first bill bill have $25 advance fe (which is month 1) $25 second month becuz I bet it takes them a month to send u ur first bill n by then ull have another plus the 100$ equipment fee so in total about 150$ + taxes and other charges estimate 180 VS PHONE AND DSL AT $19.95 same speed! Free equipment and what they dont tell yo u is the installation of the phone line which is 46$ plus Internet charge. Monthly charges for phone and dsl would be 19.95 monthly +$46 installation (free if u add two calling feature!) unlike me I have a wireless service and don't need home phone but for the price and no equipment fee deals it's something to think about

Can someone who as this service plz advise me if my calculation are right, what was your first bill like

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    The 19.95 is only for the dsl services. I have at&t dsl services and home phone. I decided to buy my own modem. I had to put $100 down because I decided not to get the automatic billing. But they credited the down payment to my phone/dsl services. I already had phone service with them. My first two bills were around $73 with phone and internet because you have to pay full price for the dsl services the first two months and thats $43. The third month was when the 19.95 for dsl kicked in. And they credited the $43-$19.95 for both months to my third month. Now I am paying around $43 for both phone and dsl.

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    I spoke with a costumer rep from At&t and she told me that they now carry dsl only without having to have a phone line connected. You may want to contact them. I have the dsl for $25, but I have a phone line only because my cell isn't free till after 9. But they did give me the choice of with or without.

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    Anyone who knows has been reading about the proposed DSL speed caps from earlier in the year. AT&T insists they will inform each customer if a cap or limitation is necessary on an account. Many people have been protesting the caps, regardless as to whether they are justified. Customers have been flocking in droves to cable companies, therefore shunning AT&T.

    The result has been AT&T secretly capping speeds without informing the customers. This has happened to me. I pay for the fastest DSL package available. But my speeds dropped down to the "Lite" speeds without being told. After intensive troubleshooting on my part, I contacted AT&T. After getting around the bureacracy and finally speaking with one of their uneducated customer service reps, it ook two tries to finally get a service tech to come to the nearest hub.

    For the record, it isn't difficult to tell when your speed is being capped. First off, DO NOT USE ATT SPEED TEST WEBSITE. It is bogus and does not reflect your actual speed. It is rigged to make you think your connection is fine. They cap your speed and then use their bogus test to tell you that your DSL connection is fine. Most people may fall for this tactic. But it's usual unethical practice from a company that has been involved in more class actions and antitrust suits than any other. And more are coming.

    Don't let AT&T cap your speeds. Be smart. You can go to or any other and you will notice an intense jump of the needle when the test begins. But "something" will seem to pull it back down. This is where you are being capped.


    Threaten them. Tell them that you know they are capping you area and you will go door to door and get support from those customers that live around you. Tell them you will all expose AT&T's bad practices if they do not leave your speeds alone. Remember, you are paying for 6.0 and getting 1.2 service. DOn't sit back and take it. It's not hard to fight back and get things done.

    If AT&T is having as much toruble keeping up with demand as they say they are, then they need to stop offering 6.0 and stick with lower speed offerings until technology can meet demand. But this would mean a serious drop in profits for AT&T. So they would rather continue to get paid in 6.0 dividends while supplying "Lite" speeds. They are crooks as always. Call them out. Those who fight in numbers ALWAYS WIN.

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