What are the positive/ negative effects of tides?

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    NEGATIVE EFFECTS: high tides

    As most fishermen know, the strongest tides usually (there are no absolutes in nature) occur at the time of full or new moon (This is because the tides are the highest or lowest - for the month - during these times. Our average tide in Ogunquit is 9 to 9.5 feet (9 feet is considered normal). Anything above this is higher than normal. The higher the tide, the stronger the current - generally speaking.). The stronger the tide, the faster the drift and the harder it is to fish. Also, strong tides generally have a negative effect on groundfish feeding patterns. Many feel that the extra available light during the night of a full moon has a negative effect on fishing during the day.



    An increase in sea surface temperatures, rising sea levels, and more frequent and severe storms are some of the effects of climate change that can negatively impact coral reefs. These negative impacts lead to declines in biodiversity, coastal protection and income from reef fisheries and tourism. The resulting economic loss can total billions of dollars.


    Lower energy storms that coincide with high tides can create extreme sea levels which cause extended periods of inundation and increase the potential for marsh platform accretion while substantially reducing habitat availability for wildlife. Numerous publications have suggested that high tides can potentially negatively impact prey populations in tidal salt marshes through increased predation risk, primarily by forcing prey species to temporarily emigate from inundated habitat; however, few studies have explicitly examined this hypothesis. During the winter of 2010-2011, we conducted surveys for avian predators at four tidal salt marshes throughout the San Francisco Bay at both monthly high and low tide levels. The study sites chosen contained water-level loggers, allowing us to compare observed predator densities and behavior with tide levels. We hypothesized that predator effort and efficiency would increase with increasing water level.


    Beach erosion:

    The intense energy from a storm surge can badly erode a beach. Storm surges also can be very destructive to any structures in low-lying areas. Even worse are tidal floods, which are storm surges that form at high tide.




    The tides deposit water (and its nutrients) over greater areas of land, while cleansing coastal areas.

    Salt marshes are formed and sustained by tidal activity and play an important part in the overall health of Long Island Sound. Tides deposit sediment across low-lying coastal areas and form mudflats. Grasses and plant matter decay, while sediment builds, and hundreds of diverse organisms find home in the nutrient rich layers. These layers become breeding grounds for fish and shellfish.


    Some salt marshes are among the most productive habitats on earth in terms of the quantity of vegetation produced each year. Costly cultivation and fertilization are needed to achieve comparable agricultural yields in upland areas, services that the tides freely provide to salt marshes.


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    (a) Tidal pools have formed a habitat for specially-adapted organisms such as starfish, sea anemones, mussels, and clams. Thus the tide contributes to biodiversity.

    (b) The ocean plays a big part in moving heat absorbed near the equator to the subpolar latitudes.

    Since ice ages are believed to be triggered when it's "too" cold at 65 N, the transport of heat plays a part in stabilizing climate. MIT oceanographer Carl Wunsch argues that the tides provide much of the mixing that facilitates the ocean's transport of heat.

    (c) In some topographies, the tide can provide a power source. This idea has been put into practice successfully in the Bay of Fundy in Canada.


    (a) Like any movement of water, the tide facilitates erosion and changing coastlines. This may actually be healthy for the earth, but it's not so good for human communities that have made economic investment in structures near the shore, or who want to preserve particular estuarine environments (because the humans have ruined so many other estuarine environments).

    (b) The tide can amplify the effect of an extreme weather event such as a hurricane.

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    Effects Of Tides

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