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What is the meaning of life? What is reality? How can I know for sure?

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    The meaning of life is to create. Our thoughts make up our realities and are supported by the universe. Therefore, we are here to create whatever we want out of the life we’re given and we are the one’s who give it meaning.

    The tool we are given to make this all possible is the mind. That’s why it’s separated out when referring to the mind, body and spirit. Most people just don’t understand its power or how it works. It works similarly to the other side only it has to adhere to the laws of time and space. On the other side when you think of something with strong emotion it appears instantaneously. On this plane of existence however, it is more like a play in that the acts unfold in a sequence.

    The way it works is that your conscious thoughts are monitored by your subconscious. Your subconscious then takes your predominant thoughts (or beliefs) and causes you to do things (subconsciously) so that you create a reality congruent with what you believe. You can verify this in your own life by examining all the things you believe about life. You can cite examples of how they are all true. I can do the same thing and some of those things may be opposite yours. Let's say you're a pessimist and I'm an optimist. You might view yourself as a realest and me as optimistic. I might see my perspective as realistic and yours as pessimistic. We are both right because we both created our realities. It's not just about perspective either. If you grow up in poverty seeing your parents work hard and struggle all their life, you may get the impression that your future will be similar. Because you believe that, you will probably create that reality when you grow up. Likewise, children from affluent homes are more likely to succeed. So we can even see it in a tangible way on a grand scale.

    This is why it’s so important to get your thoughts in line with your desires, so you can create a reality that not only makes you happy but is a reflection of your true nature. When you create a reality in line with your true desires and view it without judgment, it is a life that is a reflection of divinity.

    You not only get to declare your purpose in life, but you get to create it. You can be, do or have anything you want and your subconscious along with the collective conscious will do all the heavy lifting to bring it to you. All you have to do is align your predominant thoughts with your desires, add a dash of strong emotion and believe it possible (even though you may not see how). This is the only part that takes a bit of work. It can be done with affirmations, creativity, visualization, and various other techniques in which you imagine the reality you want already acquired.

    I have just given you the “how” to life, it is up to you to declare the “why”. Your thoughts create your reality. Direct your thoughts and you give your life meaning. Please don’t put any further energy into wondering why we’re here and go create something worthy of the divine within you on the greatest canvas available… life.

    Living life loving.

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    Watch the video and then understand that you can only know for sure by not being afraid to try :) There's no loss in trying. You'll understand what I mean when you watch the video, it says more than I could ever type in this small box

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    life has no meaning you will have to deal with it.don't be so afraid of death because after death there is nothing no pain no happiness no sorrow nothing its just a big void.But please don't go expecting god in after life because you will be disappointed. there is just big one nothing

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