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Do you agree that these are the five most dangerous dogs in the world. ?


I love this and think some of you will also.

Legit : Which breed would you never want to own. Mine is a chihuahua !!!!


Not me TD ing guys... gotta be someone with said pooch I suspect. If so - then read and learn !!!!

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    I absolutely love and agree with this article. It's all about training, training training. There are several dogs I wouldn't want now, simply as I am an older person and don't have the energy I used to have. Have always loved the larger dogs, but after my last old gal died, got a smaller dog and wouldn't you know, he's as much trouble as any of the larger dogs. You might say he's a work in progress. He was adopted from the SPCA and was so fearful of men. It took a full year of working with him to get over that fear. I'm not even going to try with children. Love him to pieces though. As for Chihuahua's--we have a couple in the neighborhood that occasionally get loose and attack my dog but my granddaughter had a Chi that was just as mellow as could be. If they're well behaved, I pretty much like any dog.

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    any dog that is untrained, treated bad, bred from aggressive parents, tied up all day and night and owned by ignorant people are not the breed.

    yes if the breed is a big dog treated the same as small it could do more damage at first but small ones can kill too.

    oh that is a hard one. never thought i would own a small dog but parents got me a papillon. can't handle a big dog anymore. have seen some nice chis lately but not sure if i would own one as l like dogs with more hair.

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    Agreed. lol before even clicking on the link I was all "No such thing as a dangerous dog only dangerous owners" Anyways.. as to the breed I would never want to own that would be Chihuahua as well. I don't know why just never been connected to those dogs.

    @ Alesi's Chis: lol sorry

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    I would NEVER own a lab. They are a dime a dozen and bred and owned by any Joe Blow the town idiot who wants a dog. The most popular breed by far is also the breed that is going to have the most issues and problems.

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    Agreed. That article can be summed up in one sentence. Irresponsible owners have the most dangerous dogs.

    For breed. I don't want a hairless breed, but if one winds up in my lap, I'll do whatever it takes to care for it and keep it.

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    Love it,definitely not what I was expecting,LOL

    For me (as another answerer already said)I wouldn't really want a drooly breed,when you get stuck in line at a vets office behind a Newfie that just had there infected ears cleaned you will understand what I mean,not only was I covered in drool,but the walls,windows,and pretty much the whole vets office was covered in it as well.

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    Definitely agree and i would never own a miniature poodle because all the ones I've met have been yappy little jerks that like to greet me by latching onto my pant leg or shoes, a little breed with a ton of attitude!

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    Love it! So true as well.

    Mine would be a Jack Russell Terrier, Since I've had some bad experiences with them, I'm also not a fan of small dogs.

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    like it, so true

    wouldn't want to own a chihuahua either, to temperamental

    couldn't own a English bull dog, make me feel depressed their droopy eyes

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    Absolutely agree! I love this article.

    I would never want to own any breed that does a lot of drooling simply because I couldn't handle the drool dripping off the walls!

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