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Police Brutality Sr. Research Paper?

Would police brutality be a good topic for my sr research paper. It has to be a social issue and I have to interview someone that has seen it or been involved in it. The person I plan to interview is a cop but I don't know if there is a big enough social issue for this topic. After interviewing the person I have to write a paper on how to solve this problem. The paper should be around 3000 words. If anyone has any links with good information let me know, thanks

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    Police brutality with regards to racism could be a good one to look into. There have been many incidents where heavy-handedness of other races has caused major controversy.

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database -
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    Hopefully, you will actually put a little more thought into the title of your research paper. For instance - there is no such thing as "police brutality", the correct legal term is "excessive force". Police officer are given legal authority to use tactics that some would call brutal to subdue, disarm, disable, control or take someone into custody. These tactics are collectively known as "arrest control tactics". The agency I work for actually just finished rolling out a much more aggressive use of force system. The previous system we had used for decades, was no longer effective in dealing with persons resisting arrest or attacking officers.

    The use of "arrest control tactics" follows something called a use of force continuum.

    You might be interested in searching the terms:

    - use of force

    - combatives

    - force continuum

    - deadly force

    - PPCT - pressure point control tactics (this is the old system - that is useless in today's more violent society)

    - Koga - another system'

    - FBI method, another system

    - Krav Maga, another system

    I believe this will help you create a topic and title for your research.

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    Act like a jerk and the police will straighten you out. I am always polite to the police and they are polite and respectful of me. Why don't you write a paper on how the welfare state has destroyed families and is costing most of our money... THAT is a social issue.

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    I suggest you to do your research on Misuse of 498A law. See the links given below for more details.

    There are many other resources you can find about it. This topic will cover police brutality and corruption as well and it is a very controversial topic.

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    Topic is good but getting data for such a paper is a big task; anyway...there r some good websites like fastcustomessays com which i used for my assignments and find it helpful. I am not recommending anything like this but u can have such custom helps from these guys. It is upto u to decide. Iff you have enough time and resource, just write it urself else just try what i said.

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