Energized Rudraksha Beads?

Online sites charge huge amounts for rudraksha beads saying they are energized. My question is, as Rudraksha bead holds the medicinal and wonder values of it by its own as the legend says, to get the benefit of the rudraksha bead, is it really necessary to energize it? If the one who wears it is a vegetarian and takes care of it without taking it to funerals and praying for lord shiva and so on, isnt that good enough?


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But it is said that rudraksha beads unlike gemstones will never bring any bad effect on the wearer/holder. So then can wearing beads just becoz they are not energized can bring a bad effect?

They dont do energizing process in sri lankan kovil. If I keep it for a shiva abhishekam will that be good enough

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    9 years ago
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    Yes that is definitely good enough. You want to energize your beads - here easy way, place them in morning sunlight for like 10 minutes, or take them to temple and place them at the main deity for a minute or hold them and pray everyday. All these work - the paying for energizing - is a new age scam.

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    According to lore, the number of facets designate the particular subtle properties, or amuletic powers, of the bead. For instance, students, police officers, children, and various others traditionally select a rudraksha bead with the proper number of facets for their protection. Certain illnesses or negative states also require specific facets -- depression, people in danger, for examples. Spiritual practitioners may select certain rudraksha beads to aid their concentration, intuition, peace, health, or opportunities for some kind of prosperity. Yogis, for example, may wear long strands of rudraksha beads around their necks as a meditative aid, for Lord Shiva was known to attain deep, powerful states of meditation.

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    No, it is not good enough. It is said that if one is wearing a rudraksha which is not energised, suffers "Narak (hell) Bhog" during the tenure of India's relm in the heaven.

    But don't worry, go to some old shiv temple & consult with the pundit. He will be able to energise the beeds at a very very low dakshina compared to that website.

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    You must purchased it from any reputed astrologer or any authorized astrology store. Energized rudraksha can effect your life lot.

    I'm suggesting some resources, check them, I hope you will get solutions.

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