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Black Native Americans fact or fiction?

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A number of Black Native Americans are mentioned in the works of I. Rafinesque ("Black Nations of America," Atlantic Journal and Friend Knowledge; Philadelphia 1832; p. 86: ...show more
Update : This is no Afrocentric claim. I am not Afrocentric at all. I am just ...show more
Update 2: I will add details until someone gives me solid evidence that Black ...show more
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There may have been dark skinned people in the Americas, but they were NOT black.

There is NO African DNA found in any of the indigenous populations anywhere in the Americas. That's a proven fact.

Green et al (2000) is a study of "African" ADMIXTURE in Mexico.

The "admixture" originates with the "African slaves" and not from African Americans from the United States

Recently, Lisker et al. (1996) compiled admixture estimates, using data derived from classical genetic systems reported in previous studies in Mexico. African or European admixture was identified in all regions and groups analyzed.

Even relatively isolated Native American populations showed some degree of African or European admixture when classical genetic systems were used with the trihybrid model (Lisker et al. 1996).

(Green et al 2000)
mtDNA Affinities of the Peoples of North-Central Mexico

Where Did Mexico's Blacks Go?

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There may have been dark skinned people in the Americas, but they were NOT black. This is the best answer. I am now convinced that Black Native Americans are just a myth, propagated by Afrocentrists.
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  • Toke Lover answered 3 years ago
    Mandingo Indians??? Mandingo is probably one of the very few African Tribes I've heard of...you're confused, they were/are in Africa, not the Americas.

    PS: Yeah, so some European called the people he found Mandingo...huh, kind of the like some European called some other people Indian...so what the peeps Columbus met in 1492 were actually Hindu then...
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  • Derek answered 3 years ago
    There is Black, and there is Negro. The N word will be deleted, God knows why as it is not illegal or prohibited. There may well be very dark, almost black races, but those indigenous to the Americas are not Negroes or would be described as Negroid. I would dispute your 30% not arriving on slave ships. Due to the need for cheaper slaves, Negroes were allowed to breed more freely. This is where the large population comes from. It is not all down to slave ships.
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  • Roman C answered 3 years ago
    We have mixed with black people since contact, either willingly or by force. The Mojave are also California NDNs, and they, like the rest of us in Calif were not an African people, or mixed with them until the advent of the buffalo soldiers, who spread their DNA among our ancestors mostly by force. The black people are not indigenous to north and south America.


    Calif NDN
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  • Michael B answered 3 years ago
    Who now cares about the colour of someone's skin in the 15thC? Or about the colour of their skin now, for that matter? They are all citizens of the same country. They should all share the same rights and duties. To distinguish by skin colour or to favour one group above another is simply racist.

    The Ku Klux Klan was bad enough. We neither want nor need racist ideas in circulation today.
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  • Wiininiskwe *Ajidamoon* answered 3 years ago
    Try telling that to several of the groups you just listed, that clearly are not black.

    Afrocentric versions of history are on par with how ridiculous Eurocentric versions are.


    Mississauga Ojibwe
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  • Black Native Americans fact or fiction?
    A number of Black Native Americans are mentioned in the works of I. Rafinesque ("Black Nations of America," Atlantic Journal and Friend Knowledge; Philadelphia 1832; p. 86: Also I. Rafinesque, pgs. 121, 186, 187, 194, 208, 209) and in the works of so many other European and American scientists, like Quatrefages or Katz. Christopher Columbus himself wrote about them.

    These Black Native Americans are, among others,

    * The Yamasee;
    *The Californians;
    * The Olmecs;
    * The Darienite;
    * The Mandingo indians;
    *The Charruas;
    *The Chamacoco;
    *The Mojave.

    Black people are known as tropically adpated people. There are tropical regions both in North and South America. The indigenous populations from these regions must have been either black or very dark skinned. How come very little is taught or known about these black native americans in the mainstream in North America or South America? Is it part of a cover-up in order to deny indigenous rights to black people or plain indifference? I am certain that many (at least 30%) blacks in America (North and South) did not come on slave ships. They were already in America in tropical and equatorial regions.
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