Why don't Siran's rebels ask for help from NATO?

That Government has murdered so many innocents, with high powered military force. We know what a low life Bashar al-Assad is. Lied, bare faced to Barbara Walters. He said he knew nothing about it. And that the rebels were members of some despicable group.


I don't believe it should be just America's job to straighten out the world. Why isn't NATO doing the same thing for the Syria as they did for Lybia? It makes me wonder, if Obama didn't bring home troups, Cons would be raising the roof. Since he has, Cons now say, we should have stayed. I 'm not sure if this will ever go away since the middle east has had constant turmoil for 2000 yrs., in the name of religion.

Update 2:

Ah HA, didn't know about NATO. It"s the Arab League that needs to do something.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Syria is not a NATO area of responsibility, time for some of the Arab League

    to get off their assess and get involved, after all Assad is one of their own.

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