Do you fear the 'unknown'?

What does the word 'unknown' mean to you?

For me, it is anything I have not personally experienced. At 64 years old there is so much I have not experienced in my lifetime. That's a whole lot of 'unknown and could be a whole lot more 'fear' magnified x what ifs.

The other day I answered a post with a video attached. (Thank you Tiger) It was a true story of a comatose, 40sh woman who was riddled with cancer and, pronounced clinically dead. During this comatose state she had an NDE (Near-death experience). She learned that her cancer was generated and manifested through the fear she carried throughout her life. She was given a choice to remain there or return to the life she had lived, without the suffering and pain which had brought her to this point.

When she came out of the coma the doctors could not believe her condition. She had not one trace of cancer left in her body anywhere! She was "free"!

This was so profound and spoke volumes to me about "Fear". I had goosebumps all over and began to cry. All these years, from the silliest little what if this and what if that, to the most compelling and, none of them materialized. "Ye of little faith"!

For those of you who say these things (NDE's) are caused from lack of oxygen to the brain, I beg to differ. I have too had an NDE. I know personally of this epiphany in my own life. Unless you have experienced this kind of phenomena, please keep your negative opinions to yourself. Thank you.

Please be considerate when responding.

Peace and Blessings


Pearl I am so sorry for your physical dilemma. I pray you will triumph over them to become a stronger, more compassionate human being, for having suffered your painful experience. Trust in The Father... :D.

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  • Tiger
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    8 years ago
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    Awh! You are welcome Glow. :)

    I cried too when I watched the video, not because Ive experienced an nde but the fact that I too lived in a place of fear for so long that it became normal. I realize that the fear or the 'unknown' dissolves itself when I feel closer or connected to the One. We forget how magnificent we really are and believe what others want us to believe. I no longer fear death or the unknown as I used to. The only fear is staying in it for longer than I want to.


  • 8 years ago

    Most people fear many things in life,some are shared by others, but a lot are personal fears that have a direct influence on your life, mostly negative. And probably the cause of most sickness that we suffer.I cannot speak to NDI experiences, but twice had out of body mind connections with an other being on a higher level of consciousness for a few seconds. You lose all connection to your 5 normal senses, it is incredible and wonderful at the same time and is fueled by Love/Energy. I think they are both life changing experiences that bring you closer to your Creator with the knowledge and truth it gives you.

  • 8 years ago

    Actually, I don't think I do. I have in the past. I've had maybe one NDE in my life that I can recall, a fall off a bicycle at age 49 that rendered me unconscious from a concussion. Since then I really have no fear of death.

    I am now 70 and will turn 71 in April. I know I'm going to die. I will cross that river when I come to it, but for now, I want to enjoy my life.

  • Eink
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    8 years ago

    While I think that it's the 'known' that seems to bring fear; I feel a sense of 'excitement' for the 'unknown'. For what fear would something shapeless and nameless cause me? Everything of imagination generates a form, a configuration, a condition, that the mind cannot simply ward off to confront. That's where most of our fears come from ----the awareness of the possible 'known' existence of something(s). But, to walk onward a path that is entirely unexplored, of which its notes yet unsung ----- sets free the cluttered mind, and replaces fear with enthusiasm.

    Faith wings with the Unknown.

    Source(s): (Glowing evening / day to you, my friend) :)
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  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    The only unknown I fear is a blind date

  • Only the Lake of Fire!

    I'd rather keep it that way by having a close relationship

    with the God of Abraham,Issac,and Jacob,

    then I'll keep fearing absolutely nothing else!

  • Wow. Very interesting story. Some cases i fear it & sometimes i don't. Other times I'm curious. hope u are having a good Wednesday.

  • 8 years ago

    Not at all. I embrace the unknown in life. I prefer the unfamiliar to the familiar.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't fear the 'unknown' but I fear why I don't know. I pay deep interest and curiosity to know the unknown when it is important and seems interesting to me. I think too much to break the enigma; I fear of not knowing the factual information and I have fear of leaving few things mystical, such cases I think beyond and out of my box.

    I have had a NDE (Near-Death Experience) in October 2007, when I went to Merina Beach in Chennai, India along with my friends and their parents. I don’t know swimming, I went little deeper into the sea and there was a well in water body, unexpectedly I stepped into it. My foot lost contact with surface and I was about to drown in the water. I was kicking my legs down, I am striking and moving my hands fast to at least stop my body getting immersed. My friends and people on the shore are shouting load. I was getting hit by waves and they were dragging me inside. This moment was for around 3 Minutes. I was submerging and horrified but was trying real hard to get breathe and survive. Just for a couple of seconds I thought that “OK, I am done with this world and my period is over.” Well, I thought that it was my call and I thought it was my time to leave. I couldn’t push me up well and that time I remembered my family and prayed God like I was about to handover my spirit. OUT OF BOOM! To My Astonishment, a guy who was stranger to me came swimming near me and suddenly pulled me out with him hands. I held fast his arm and pushed myself towards shore where was able to touch surface with my foot. I don’t forgot that experience in my lifetime, I almost touched death but didn’t close down, if rescue was 15 seconds late, I would have left out but God given me life in the right time. I have kept friends with the one who helped me and saved, I believe he was sent by God to save me.

    I did not really fear during my about to die situation but neared death became my cognition and felt happy to learn that experience. I know many people in my Life who unnecessarily fear for pretty silly things. My girl fears of going water into her ears during headbath (shower) and I do have many fears. So, PHOBIA can be caused to anything for no reason and we must learn, build faith and come out of such fears. I wish everybody FREEDROM FROM FEAR through Love of God, where he covers all the fears.

    P.S. The info about the beach where I was about to die:

  • 8 years ago

    Not at all! I have Jesus in my life and He knows everything!!

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