Do you think parents should help pay for their children's college education?

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Update : The way it is set up nowadays it is almost impossible for students under more
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Not every parent is ABLE to help pay for college for their children.

So, my answer is that if the parents have a good income and a good savings, then yes, they should take on part of the expense of college to help their children get ahead.

But, some parents have experienced financial set-backs in their lives. Loss of a job or loss of health making it impossible for them to earn or save up enough money to be financially ahead by the time the student is ready. It may be their fault for poor life choices or it may just be circumstances beyond their control, but not every parent will be able to help pay and it shouldn't count against them when they can't.

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Good points. And if there us more than 1 kid going to college than it's even harder.
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  • Cake! answered 2 years ago
    Yes, they are your children why would you not? And if you help your children they will help you in your old age
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  • K answered 2 years ago

    But then I live in a country where we don't bankrupt people trying to get a university education...

    In Australia we have HECS, which basically means, every semester the cost of your units is added to your overall bill/debt with the government. You don't have to pay a cent during your time there if you can't afford it. Once you start earning over a certain salary (I think it's about $40,000 a year) you have to start paying it back. I think my HECS debt is about $26,000 but I don't have to worry about it just yet.
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  • Real Hero answered 2 years ago
    If they want to, and have the means to. I'm sure many parents would love to be able to help their children get into a good college or university. When a person is old enough to go to college, they are generally around the adult age, so they technically are in charge of themselves, is far as the law is concerned. I do think it's nice when parents are charitable to their children though.
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  • sueder answered 2 years ago
    I would like to be able to help my children with college costs, but it will depend on our financial status once our children reach college age. Ideally they will get a scholarship of some kind to cover tuition and we can do most everything else. I also plan to encourage our children to attend a community college first and then transfer to a 4 year university to help keep costs down. But, I think if parents are able to help, they should. It stinks to start out your adult life with loans to repay.
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  • Linda R answered 2 years ago
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  • kc answered 2 years ago
    yes if ur talking about the fafsa form the pell grants go off of the parents income, thats money that you dont have to pay back if the kid needs extra money after the grant they can apply for a loan, if u can afford to help then u should its ur child....i was raised by my aunt so i was able to file an independent.
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