Reincarnation, Logical or not ?

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What do you think about reincarnation ? It seem plausible to me because we came from nothing before birth and we are going back to nothing after death so it would sound logical if we more
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  • Craig answered 2 years ago
People who believe there is only the physical aspect to life will say reincarnation is illogical, or they'll come up with the silly idea that our atoms get reincarnated into other life by consumption.

However, if you've ever witnessed someone die (unfortunately, I have, more than once) you can see that the life force leaves the entire body all at once, in a way that can't be explained by physical means. Atoms do not produce life; there is a life force, a non-physical thing, which is commonly called a soul.

Since this soul entered one body to give it life, and left it at the time of death, it seems logical that it could go on to give life to another body.

It seems logical enough that an American university's school of medicine has a department devoted to studying reincarnation.


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Thank you ! The reason why i asked this question is because i am currently reading a book that links Reincarnation , religions , science and evolution so i wasnt sure if it was logical . The book is called : the present
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  • adam answered 2 years ago

    We don't come from nothing. We come from a sperm and an egg getting together. While the ultimate answer as to how life started in the universe is not settled, how we reproduce is not a mystery.

    After we die, their is still a whole lot of anti nothing. Only after we decompose after a long time is their nothing left, and in a way that's not even true. We are just broken down to a much smaller level.

    Reincarnation and evolution do not belong in the same universe. Evolution has been proven and observed. Reincarnation has not.
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  • Kat answered 2 years ago
    Not, dead is dead. Humans coming back as animals really makes no sense.
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