Currently i m in uk holding student visa with no work alowed i want to go back my country pakistan?

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but due to some reaosons and terrorism i cant go there thats y i want to do assylum case here so i want to know that if i have visa so can i apply asylum?and how long the process wil more
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  • Jas B answered 2 years ago
If you want to apply for asylum you have to book an appointment to attend our asylum screening unit in Croydon (south of London). The website below will answer all your questions.


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jas b ur answer is good and to all other i want to say that i just read the complete meaning of asylum my chances are low and i mean to say that how can i get work allow in this country as a student i dont need citizenship i have 2years visa
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  • ****.thepenman answered 2 years ago
    Go home we don't want you pakistan is a lovely place
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  • I m Who I m answered 2 years ago
    my friend dont be fool pakistani is no in risky countries million people live there you have zero chance of getting asylum and you will lose all rights to student visa too and will be banned from uk forever as they will think you want to be here permanently which you told them you dont want when you sign student visa application form ...i know many friend did this last year 2011 and was refused and deported.


    my personal experience
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