Strange Ganapathi Gayathri. Ever heard this?

I heard this from a sami but couldnt find it on the internet to know what the last line means. Have you heard it and any idea what "Danno dondi" in the LAST LINE menas??

Om that purushaya widmahe -

Wakrathundaaya deemahi

"Danno dondi" prachodayat

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  • Flute
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    9 years ago
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    The correct spelling is "Tanno danti prachodayat".

    The meaning of this sentence is, "May the tusked one guide (us) /inspire (us) (on the right path)"

    The Sanskrit word 'Danti' means 'tusked one'

    This mantra views 'Brahman' in Ganapati form. (You can conceive Brahman in any form that gives you solace and 'Brahman' is 'Brahman', inspite of what you conceive 'It' as!)

    Because of the above conception of Brahman as Ganapati, the form unique to Ganapati, namely 'tusked one' is used here.

    @@ Edited for Additional details:

    The above gayatri is recited in two forms, one beginning with

    "Om that purushaya widmahe"

    and the other beginning with

    Ohm Ekadantaaya Widmahe".

    Both are correct. The first one is in Naaraayana upanishad and the second one is in Ganapati upanishad. Therefore, do not worry about the correctness of prayoga as in your question.

  • friend
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    9 years ago

    Om that purushaya widmahe -

    Wakrathundaaya deemahi

    "Danno dondi" prachodayat

    This is wrong

    Ekdantya vidmahe, Vakratundaya Dhi mahi,Tanno danti prachodayat this is correct one.

    Means we know Ekdantaya ( menas Ganesh who have one teeth), He may gives prerana to our wisdom (Dhi), we do his dhyana.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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