Can you disprove Pascals wager?

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In short the wager states that believe in God is better than not believing. If you believe and were wrong you have nothing to loose (when you die). If you do not believe you have more
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The argument of "avoiding the wrong hell", nullifies Pascals wager, rendering it both useless and inconsistent, even if we consider Pascal to be correct. (Which we can't, as it is a leading question that leads unto a form of loaded question containing both arrogant and fallacious assumptions).
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  • IM BATMAN JESUS LOL answered 2 years ago
    No duh mouthbreather.

    The existence of more than one religion pretty much blows it out of the water.
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  • Bill O'Reilly answered 2 years ago
    Which god?

    There, you're welcome.
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  • Rick L answered 2 years ago
    Which of the 30,000+ gods, goddesses, and other forms of major and minor deities, demigods, and hundreds of thousands of various other paranormal creatures dreamed up by man are you asking about, specifically?

    -List of Gods:
    -God Finder
    -A big list of Gods (but nowhere near all of them)
    -God Checker
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  • I'm just not convinced. Bite me answered 2 years ago
    An all knowing god would know you're gambling your beliefs to get a free ticket out of hell.

    Besides, looking at history, the "true god" might not have even come up yet LOL

    Gods come and go with societies and anyone dumb enough to fall for it has lost my respect
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  • Maurog IV answered 2 years ago
    It kind of disproves itself. Can you force yourself to believe in Santa?
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  • King of Hearts 4 answered 2 years ago
    Yes. I put forth the notion that if you are made fun of your entire life for believing in a god because of pascal's wager, and the god you chose turns out to be wrong, your entire life will not only have been miserable but you will have gone to some other god's version of hell.
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  • Gorgeoustxwoman2013 answered 2 years ago
    Pascal's Wager is evidence that religion is all about fear. In order to perpetuate such ignorance it must sell a whole lot of fear and guilt.
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  • RevAngelaP answered 2 years ago
    With Pascal's wager that means you should worship the thousands of gods that are honored daily. Because you might be worshiping the wrong one. Better get cracking!
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  • idoubtit2 answered 2 years ago
    What happens if you pretend to believe in god like all the religious do? Can you still collect your winnings?
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  • Betrand Leon answered 2 years ago
    The claimed existance or accuality , of other gods does not disprove Pascals wager. It proves that some people are overwhelmed by too many possibilities.
    People still win the lottery.
    This is a bit like going to order food and decided not to get any at all because there are so many choices on the menu.
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  • Yoda answered 2 years ago
    Not many in this forum will understand it. It requires philosophical reflection. Philosophy tends to be alien to the atheist.
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