How to stay in the UK after studying there?

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I am currently studying in the UK for a undergraduate degree which is 3 years, I am a American born citizen and have no ties to England other than I study here, I must admit I have more
Update : ***do I have to get a job ? *** I guess since the requirements are more
Update 2: I read somewhere that you can apply for residency after living there for more
Update 3: Gosh, I can't believe I didn't include this, I am 21 and I am more
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You can't stay on after your course finishes. Time spent in the UK on a student visa does not count toward any residency or citizenship applications.
There are fiance visas, but these are for non EU citizens outside the UK that allows them to come to the UK to marry. You can't apply for this inside the UK.
Unless you marry before your student visa expires you will have to leave the UK on completion of your course. Please be aware that being married to a British citizen does not give you the right to live in the UK, you would have to apply for a spouse visa after marrying. That is another extremely difficult process. If there is any hint of you marrying to stay in the UK your application will be denied.

Look here:

Over recent years the UK has been tightening visa rules for non-EU citizens. Work visas are extremely difficult to get, you can only apply for jobs on the skills shortage list, these are mostly in the medical, scientific and engineering fields and all require higher education and qualifications and extensive experience. As a new graduate you would not qualify.
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  • Ian M answered 2 years ago
    When your student visa expires you have to leave the UK. Your chances of a visa to return to the UK to work is about nil, same is true throughout the EC, which is why I cannot understand why a US citizen would spend a small fortune studying in the UK. Your UK qualifications might not even be recognised in the USA.

    As for your flat, if you decide to sell it, Don't tell anyone that you are a foreigner and have to leave the country. That makes it a panic sell and if the word gets out the price goes through the floor. You could do better paying a management company to find you a tenant and look after it in your absence. That way you generate income and right now London rents are high enough to at least cover any outstanding mortgage you may have. Since you won't be able to use it yourself, in the longer term you will probably be better off selling it.
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  • Mayank answered 2 years ago
    Simply After getting a job you can stay in UK easily.......................

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  • CaseyM answered 2 years ago
    get a job
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    Oh well.....once your married your legally allowed to get a British Citizenship.

    Glad you enjoyed the UK :)
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  • Guru Hank answered 2 years ago
    Should be easy enough once you are married.
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