Hi, I am currently working in India. I have a job offer in the UK.?

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However they are ready to interview me only if i have hold a Visa/work permit...Can i get a visa/permit without a offer letter..if yes, how do i do this ?
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This either looks like a bogus job offer or the company - as most employers do at the present economical situation - only employ those who have the right to live and work in the UK (EU/EEA citizen).
Only jobs which are on the shortage occupation list may be filled by a non-EU applicant provided there was no UK/EU/EEA citizen available to fill the gap.
http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/siteco... ..
In order to become licenced work sponsors companies would need a licence from the UK Home Office (£1500) and would need to pay a fee of £156 to issue Certificate of Sponsorship for work. Most companies presently just do not issue COS at present since they can easily fill their gaps with the local workforce or the EU/EEA workforce. At present there are more than 24.5 million people unemployed in the EU!
http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/siteco... ..
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  • Andrew answered 2 years ago
    NO, unless the company you are working for in India is willing to "relocate" you to a branch that they have in the UK. If not, the UK home office will issue you a temporary work visa IF you can prove to them you have a bonifide job offer (thus you would need a letter or contract). They would have to first apply for a sponsor's license which is a thousand pounds. Then, YOU would have to complete a points test to prove that you are needed in the UK and if the home office should grant you a work visa. You will be given points for the necessary salary, job offer, whether or not a local citizen or resident could the work you are applying to do ( and if there is, points test failed...end of test).
    And, keep in mind that a work permit does NOT guarantee you the right to live here permanately. You have to make a certain amount in order to this this. Too many Indians and Pakistanis were abusing the system which is why there is a big backlash againt foreign workers, especially from Asia. Can't say that I blame them.

    So no without proper papers, you wouldn't have a prayer.
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  • NO answered 2 years ago
    You have to prove you have work in the UK and a good reason to be there, If you already have work in India you don't have a good reason unless the company speaks on your behalf. So many Indians abuse the visa system now they have made it tighter and harder to get in. The best thing to do is ask the company who wants you to work with them to send you a paper of work offer to take to the British Embassy in India. Without it there is no way.
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