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I am an indian i want apply for Bahamas country visa?

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Contact the:
Bahamian Consulate in New Delhi, India
3rd Floor, F-11 East of Kailash
New Delhi 111065
Telephone (011) 2646-4490
Telefax (011) 2646-4492
E-mail bahamas@sarafmail.com
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  • ibu guru answered 2 years ago
    Gerd gave you the info on where to apply. You will also need US transit visas to travel through US since it is nearly impossible to get to the Bahamas without going through the US. Also, plan to need a great deal of money since Bahamas vacations are mostly high-end luxury resorts, and hotel rates a lot of places start about US$400 a night. Some resort packages start at $1000 a night.
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