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how do i make my cat stop catching mice and other animals?

my cat is very healthy and i feed her all the time with cat food and milk...she gets food all the time! 4 times a day...but she still catches mice, lizards and other insects to eat's very disgusting...

i don't want my cat to eat all those things and spoil her health.

what should i do to stop her catching mice??

i seriously hate it when she catch mice in my garden and brings home to eat under the bed..... plz help :(

don't make fun pls, i know its a weird thought but i don't want my cat to eat unhealthy things...


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    Unless your cat was brought up getting along with mice and lizards, there is no specific way to get it to stop. Harsh methods may work, but you wouldn't want to employ such methods. It's in their nature to eat mice and you'd only be doing it injustice if you deny that privilege.

    As with every other pet, even cats cause trouble and as with every other pet, you will have to put up with it.

    It's not funny, it's a completely normal thing. Cats gotta enjoy too! :)

    P.S. It's not unhealthy. Rats won't spoil it's health.

    Even if there was a method to spot it from catching mice, I'd never recommend you to do it. Live and let live. :)

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    Cats have already been living a long time with humans. Even so they have remained predators like their relatives, the big cats, which include the lion, the tiger, and the leopard. The animals of prey for cats are much smaller. Most of all cats love mice. The hunting instinct is inborn. Even when you regularly feed your cats, it will not pass up an opportunity to chase after any mouse that crosses its path. Cats have great persistence in hunting. They can sit quietly for hours in front of a mouse hole. If a mouse finally does stick its little head out, the cat will first wait patiently. The mouse shouldn't be immediately afraid and disappear again into its hole. If the mouse dares to come out a little further, the cat will spring as quickly as lightning and catch the mouse. What should you do if your cat drags you a mouse? While it might seem disgusting to you, for the cat it is a great part of life. So don't scold your cat. Take the mouse away as soon as the cat has left it and put it outside. If the mouse is dead, you can bury it. Hope this helps (it is instintive) heheheheehehe aussie

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    it is the cat's instinct so you can't actually stop them but I guess if you don't want your cat to catch mice you should feed it more or make your cat drink more milk because if your cat is full she wont feel the need to catch mice and lizards anymore. I have a dog and whenever she sees a lizard on the wall,a fly or a mouse she really tries to catch it and I know its annoying, but they do it because they have nothing to do. Maybe playing with your cat can pass the time and she wont feel the need to catch mice and other animals anymore because she will be busy playing with most of the time, also try to ignore her so that she would look for your attention.

    That is all I know I hope I helped

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    Oh god.. Don't talk to her for 2 days.. Then she'll obey your words.. Don't think that Cat did not know Telugu.. She is your cat.. Cat can understand your love & affection.. If your behavior changed a bit on her, then she will understand it and wont do anything crazy things like catching the Mice & lizards..

    Only cat food is not enough.. Give 3 Full Glasses of Milk a day..

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    Hate to break your heart, but a cat is a cat. Catching and killing things is an irrepressible instinct; they're natural predators. It's not unhealthy, it's perfectly acceptable cat behavior and there is not way to train her out of it, shy of keeping her indoors 24/7.

    Want a pet that won't kill things? Get a rabbit or a gerbil.

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    Put a collor with a bell on, the other animals will hear her coming and will have a head start getting away. Or don't let her out as much, hunting is a natural instinct, you cnt stop her doing it.

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  • 8 years ago

    What ever you do for the cat, but you have to known that cat's are still wiled as such as his other wiled cats family in compare to dogs.

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    It's her biological nature and behavior & 100 % normal.Cats are build for kill..They are hunters.

    Imagine someone giving you ORS and Seline water other than letting you eat usual & tasty foods like Biriyani !!

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    its basic instinct of a can't stop cat from hunting....they are awesome how they play with their prey before eating them...they love doing that you simply can't stop them from doing so..cats are small cousin brothers of big cats like Lion,Tiger,Panther,Leopard,Cheetah....there are many more cats in this world....all belong to one family....CAT FAMILY....either big or small...cats are well known for their hunting out their live actions on channels like Animal Planet,BBC,NGC

  • 8 years ago

    You just cannot. It is nature. As you you cannot keep the females away from males. Hunger is also an instinct as strong as sex in animals.

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