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Will you take my short School Uniforms poll?

Ok so I'm doing a project on school uniforms and I need some help. So, I decided to do a poll on here! There are several questions I need answered and I will give you credit on the website I'm making if you answer! The questions are:

1) Are school uniforms helpful or not?

2) Which do you think is better; School Uniforms or Dress Codes?

3) What would happen if there were no restrictions at all on clothing in schools?

On all of these questions, explaining why you chose that answer would be helpful, but I will be really thankful even if the answers are just one word! Please don't just say yes or no though, because I will not know what you mean (These aren't just yes or no questions.)

Thanks for answering! (If you do!)

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    In some ways, they are, in others, no. I went to a loosely uniformed primary school (polo shirt, skirt or trousers, school colour jumper) for three years, then a non-uniform primary school for four years, currently in a strict uniform high school (blazer, tie, shirt, skirt or trousers (all in school colours, with logo)) and I'm planning on going to a sixth form college with no uniform, so I've experienced a range of things, uniform-wise.

    I'd disagree with the statement "uniforms discourage bullying" - differences are highlighted if you're all the same in every other way. You can stop being "the kid with the Mickey Mouse jumper" by wearing something else, but you can't stop being "the ugly girl with the funny shaped nose" or "the dumb boy with dyslexia".

    Uniforms can look smart - although teachers at my school are constantly telling the class that their uniform is wrong (e.g. tie knot is too low) and they look very scruffy. This wastes class time.

    I also don't entirely agree with the idea that they suppress creativity - kids try other things, like showing their personality through their actions, on the plus side. Unfortunately, there are bad outlets too - things like drinking and smoking as a way to stand out. I read that girls at uniform schools tend to start wearing make up earlier than other girls. My point is that kids will always express themselves - just not always the way adults would like them to.

    I've noticed that girls tend to roll their skirts up and act older as a way to be individual, putting themselves at risk of unwanted attention (I often see little girls of 11 or 12 years old at my school, with very short skirts, flirting with boys my age or older... it's pretty easy to guess what the guys are thinking and it makes me worry if the girls know what they're letting themselves in for).


    Dress codes, I guess. But there would have to be boundaries - along the lines of "something you could wear around an old folks home without shocking anyone" (i.e., no racist/sexist/etc slogans, no short skirts). Or, if they wanted something a bit more smart, maybe a smart-casual or business style dress code.

    If a uniform is for safety regulations, I'd say to stick with it - for example, a PE uniform - it would be pretty dangerous to sprint in heels. Maybe just an "appropriate for work" dress code - like if you did woodwork, you could wear overalls.


    I guess subcultures would be more visible - it's a kind of uniform in itself, if you think about it... I've noticed that on non-uniform days, kids seem to cluster towards the same kinds of clothes. I notice parallels between my clothes (hoodies, baggy jeans, t-shirts) and the clothes of friends at the non-uniform sixth form I want to go to even though I met them when they were at my school wearing uniform and they've never seen me out of uniform, we still dress similarly in leisure time. People tend to have a small selection of types of clothes they wear - it's unlikely that a girl like me would wear heels and a floral dress from some high end shop and it's equally unlikely that one of the popular girls who shop at Hollister would wear their older brother's jeans.

    In some ways, it could be dangerous - I know that there are people out there who'd smuggle knives and whatever else into school if they had somewhere to hide it - with own clothes, it would be easier to conceal stuff, because officials wouldn't know all the hiding places in any one piece of clothing.

    Initially, people would be cliquey about it, but the same was true in my first two years at high school, because wearing ties and shirts was foreign to everyone. Nobody was really confident, so they judged each other on how they wore their uniform as a way to make themselves feel better about themselves. I think that the bullying over what people wore would wear off after a bit, 'cause people would get used to seeing people in non-uniform.

    I think it would free up class time as teachers wouldn't have to reprimand students on their clothing, however, there may be some etiquette issues that need to be addressed (e.g., wearing hats indoors is considered rude by some people).

    Also, there are very few jobs that allow people to wear whatever they like, so it may be something of a culture shock for school leavers entering the workforce.

    Source(s): I'm a teenager. Also, I tried to explore both sides, because I don't think it's clear-cut good or bad... ended up rambling a bit!
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    1) yes schools uniforms are helpful

    this is because school uniform makes everyone look equal which reduces bullying. also because if people wear school uniform then if anyone makes trouble in the neighbourhood or makes trouble for you, you will know what school they are from and you can complain so this reduces young people making trouble.

    2)dress codes

    this is because people will still be dresses similarly but an personalise the look which will give each person a personality.

    i think uniforms aren't that bad either, because of answer to q1)

    3)if there were no restrictions then people would all dress differently, this could cause a lot of bullying, because some people may have different tastes that others. also because some people are richer that others and this difference will show. i think if there were no restrictions on there would be a lot more bullying in schools.

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    I have gone to school where there is and there isn't uniform.

    1) I think they are helpful, they save a great deal of time in the morning, and you don't have to stress about being "at the height of fashion" or whatever. It makes everyone look equal, and part of a community and as long as the uniform is designed practically for school activities then it's fine. The whole "it takes away diversity and originality" thing... For school you really don't have to dress originally or as yourself, it really doesn't matter at all. If anything, it makes it more fun when you aren't in school as it's a nice change. The uniform also makes me feel in a working mood so I achieve more in school.

    2)I once went to a school where there was technically no uniform, but the dress code was that you could only wear items of black, white, green, grey and blue clothing as those were the school colours. I think that is good because it's a fairly restrictive dress code so you don't have to spend time worrying about what you are going to wear whilst it still maintains some originality.

    3) If there were no restrictions, then I think that people would really dress inappropriately for school with skirts getting shorter and heels getting higher. I think it would mainly be a bigger issue with girls.

    Source(s): Personal experience of all of them to an extent.
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1) no they are not helpful because I believe they take away a persons character or personality and that's all you have when you're young and in school.

    2) I think dress codes are better becuase theygive you some freedom on what you want people to view you as(within reason of course.) and the way you dress it the main factor on a first impression.

    3) if there were no restrictions, there would be a lot of people dressing inappropriately to school which would cause a lot of problems with the school, teachers, parents, and students too.

    Source(s): Opinion
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  • Ann
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    4 years ago

    Yep, I approve of them. I wore uniform from lower through to upper school. I guess it got a bit annoying back then but now, I think it's a necessity for kids to wear. Uniform makes children look smart and presentable and doesn't make them worry too much about their appearance, since every boy or girl is wearing the same.

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  • Chloe
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    8 years ago

    1) -YES

    yes, they help to identify a group of people within a community (e.g. a school.) your uniforms do not always take away personal style because you can wear a different hat/coat/scarf and bag/hair accessories etc.


    they are both similar, we have both. school uniforms make you stand out in a crowd, good for identifying groups on a school trip, or helping look for a lost pupil as they will know what they are dressed in. our code tells us the length of skirt, type of shoes etc, so basically similar things for us.

    3)there could be a lot of bullying based on clothes, what people can and can't afford et. however, own clothes days once in a while are good, because they can raise money (e.g. dress up for children in need) and let children experience their own clothes at school and to see friends styles and to see what others like wearing

    good luck :)

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