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is it right that i am being punished twice?

i got caught smoking at school and recived a 4 hour saturday detention, for this coming saturday, i had to get my mum to sign my saturday detention slip, i forged my mums signature because i didn"t want het to find out, my headmaster rang her to discuse my bad behaviour and my mum found out i had lied and forged her signature, now my mum has said i she will be picked up from saturday detention and then LOCKED IN my bedroom for the entire weekend, no tv no phone HOMEWORK ONLY i will bet set essays to wright on the dangers of smoking, and why i should not lie to my parents, this means i am getting punished twice it"s so not fair.


ps escape is not possible as my bedroom door will be locked with a key, and my bedroom is 2 floors up

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    Reasons for the punishment as it is:

    1) smoking in school = 4 hours Saturday detention

    2) lied and forged your mom's signature = 48 hours in your room

    3) disrespected your school rules, your teachers and your mom.

    For all this, 48 hours punishment is not at all bad!

    Your Mom loves you very much, enough to help you with your mistakes growing up so that you will do well as an adult, to be honest, with good values, respectful, caring and compassionate, responsible and make mature and good decisons in your life.

    Your teachers and your parents know how very dangerous it is for you to smoke, that smoking is a powerful addiction and how smoking will ruin your whole life.

    While you are writing your essay on the dangers of smoking, as well, learn the correct spelling and definitions and use, for the following 3 words.

    write ("write on the dangers of smoking")

    right ( "I think the punishment is right for the crime")

    wright (Definition "a maker or builder") also, (Orville WRIGHT invented and made and flew the first airplane)

    I do hope the following true information will always remind you NEVER to smoke or if you do, then to stop now because the price is very high to pay.

    Smoking causes lung cancer, mouth cancer, lip cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, emphysema ( a condition in which the air sacs of the lungs are damaged and enlarged, causing breathlessness and eventually death).

    Smoking causes blocked arteries in the legs cutting off blood flow to your feet and legs causing gangrene and eventual amputation of toes and limbs. Smoking causes stroke, excessive bleeding during surgery, and smoking causes proven lower intelligence in a child born to a mother that smoked before, during and after or while she was pregnant.

    Smoking causes death of yourself and others by fires, car accidents, and slowly kills your loved ones around you with your second-hand smoke. Smoking does not cause you to lose weight. All the money spent toward the addiction of smoking could instead buy you some very fine things including a good education or the nice car you would like.

    Many employers now and companies will only hire people that do not smoke. Where I live, smoking is against the law ( $250.00 fine!) with NO SMOKING at all beaches, parks, restaurants, public buildings, businesses, and in apartment buildings. Smoking can cause embarrassment and humiliation when you are singled out as a smoker, smelling bad, and isolated if you are outside somewhere, distanced away from your non-smoking friends, huddled alone or with one or two other having a smoke because you are addicted to smoking and cannot stop the habit and addiction and need to have that smoke. Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to overcome. Psychologists that work in addiction rehab centers state that to quit smoking is harder to do than to quit alcohol or heroin addiction.

    Smoking caused bad breath and yellow discoloured teeth and fingers, severe dehydration of your skin and causes severe wrinkles, ageing, yellowed skin, and shortness of breath.

    Have a good weekend Louise. (I hope your Mom passes you some food and drink and bathroom breaks during your lock in ;). 48 hours is a breeze, so be grateful and appreciative that your punishment is so light and for what you have learned during this time. It's all good.

    Oh and, apologize sincerely to your Mom (parents) and your teachers! And promote non-smoking as a good thing for you and everyone. Take care.

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  • 4 years ago

    Technically they were "punished" for spying ON THE JETS, not for the SEVEN YEARS prior to that incident. See I had forgot about this as well, but the punishment was handed down BEFORE Goodell meet with Belichick and all that went down. As to why Congress is getting involved WAKE UP. Did you know Belichick admitted to doing this for SEVEN YEARS when if first broke? Nope, no one but Goodell heard about that. That came out when Goodell HAD TO GO WASHINGTON. See Congress is getting involved because Goodell is covering it up. The tapes BEING DESTROYED started it. It took so long for Congress to "get involved" because the NFL refused to acknowledge them, they got TWO LETTERS before they responded just before the Superbowl. I won't waste the time arguing about what punishment should be given, it is too late for the right one which would have been kicking the man out of the league in my opinion, but I will be happy to help explain where the logic comes in that something more could/should be done. Oh and Patrick try looking at the TIMELINE again. Don't just assume that Goodell KNEW how long it was going on because you like the Patriots and wanted him to. The Patriots WERE PUNISHED before the meeting, before the tapes and memos were turned over. That was the punishment for taping the Jets, and please tell me why he handed down a punishment that encompassed it all WITHOUT ALL THE INFO otherwise.

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  • 8 years ago

    I am not a parent, and i think that being punished twice makes sense since you did 2 things wrong.

    1) smoked

    2) lied and forged your mom's signature

    You're a horrible child.

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    Um, yeah I think it is right that you're being punished twice, the detention is for your smoking (strike one) and the grounding is for forgery (strike two) which by the way is illegal. So I'd say suck it up and deal with it. You need to start taking responsibility for your actions instead of running away.

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    No you are not. You aren't being punished for the same thing twice. You are being punished once for both things you did. One, for smoking (which is VERY bad, and don't do it if you want to live a healthy life) and for lying to yout parent. I'm sorry that your weekend is ruined but you do have to pay the price for what you have done.

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    8 years ago

    In the epic poem Paradise Lost, the character of Satan is sent to Hell for defying God. However, he chooses to defy God again by corrupting mankind, and God not only turns him from a powerful angel into a lowly snake, but also gives him unquenchable thirst. Moral of the story is, if you do something bad, then don't make it worse. If you're not willing to take the first punishment, then be prepared for more.

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    8 years ago

    I think you are being punished to much. Cigarrettes are bad though. If you smoke weed it's actually not as bad for you. It feel real good to lol.

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