Toshiba satellite pro L630 laptop won't charge?

I work for a large company and they have lots of these laptop's and several of them have come back to the service desk with a preculiar problem.

Basically when the laptop is not plugged into the mains the battery discharges like normal however when the mains is plugegd in, it works off the mains but does not charge the laptop. This will work if the battery is taken out and reseated however this is not always the case.


The thing is though the laptop is out of warranty and as I work on behalf of a charity we can't really afford to pay for expensive repairs.

2 Answers

  • treat
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Allthough is sounds discover it impossible to resist is a battery catch 22 situation, once you have have been given it plugged in to the AC capacity adapter and it shuts off solid, there are 2 othr possabilities. a million.- Your motherboard could are becoming risky. If part of the mother board had have been given a quick in it then it wont swap on. 2.- and that's definitely, The fan or the CPU. If the fan is broken, there's a progressed in fail unhazardous for each pc and pc. it is going to close down so it is going to now no longer over warmth. interior the tip, if the pc maintains to be below assure, call up Toshiba or the corporation to procure the assure from and get the climate swapped out. ideas-blowing success.

  • 9 years ago

    Looks like a serious problem. You should probably send it to the service center and see if they can fix this.

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