Why some Indian guys lie to get married to prospective bride?

Why some guys lie to potential partner to get marry to them and then show their true colors after getting married. Since divorce is still taboo to some extent in India and it still takes courage for any woman to break the marriage, some guys take advantage of this situation. Before marriage while meeting the prospective bride, they tell lie to her about themselves and make fake presentations of themselves, and as soon as they get married they show their real ugly side, their true color and think that now that the girl is married she is trapped and will not go anywhere as she will have no other option. This people know how much difficult is taking divorce in India and divorcee women become subject to social mockery so they take advantage of it and cheat the girl like this, convince her to marry them by making fake presentation of themselves before marriage and giving her illusion that he is perfect for her and is compatible with her. The girl get fooled by such lies but reality comes into light after marriage. In many cases, guy hide their real age, any disease, fake education details, fake family details or marital status etc. For eg: There was one guy who was divorcee, he purposefully hide this and made fake profile in matrimonial sites and gave all fake information even his name was fake. By making cross inquiry I came to know his reality but what if I couldn't found that.

Why do such people lie, why not they tell truth? Instead of telling lies and giving illusion to prospective bride that they are compatible with her, why not they choose someone who is ready to accept as they are and honestly tell truth about themselves. For eg: If they are not educated and if they think that highly educated girl will not marry them, then they fake their education, but instead of faking, why not they tell truth and think if she accepts him as he is then okay else no, and why not he then choose less educated girl just like him so that she won't mind that he is less educated. Why this people lie to marry someone who can never be compatible with them

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ego, pride, greed, grudge, hate or fun you can say. thats why we say Marriage is between two families and not only boy and girl. But now a days families also include in this business. That is the problem. For son's happiness, family will do anything as far as they get whatever they want. They even support their son when he wants to dump the first married girl and would like to stay with other woman!They will side their son eventhough he is wrong. They will not think about the pain their daughter-in-law and her parents are going through.Inlaws supporting their daughter-in-laws happen only in TV serials! Not in real life. We have to be very careful and do lots of enquiry in these type cases.

    Source(s): My friend is going through same pain.
  • 8 years ago

    Because times have changed honey and people lie ALL THE TIME, ABOUT EVERYTHING. Knowing this, it is no longer wise to jump into a marriage without getting to know the person first. Men will want the best possible woman they can get. When you date a guy, you can usually figure out the truth, or can at least see enough to know that this person is false. But if you are willing to marry someone you don't know, chances are even GREATER that you will be taken advantage of, because there is no period of time for you to get to know the person BEFORE marriage. If you see this as a problem, I would stick to dating local people in your area or people whose background and easily be verified. I would not do the internet dating thing as it is too risky for you.

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    5 years ago

    There is a saying in the South Indian language Kannada, saavira sullu heli maduve maadu, Tell thousand lies to get married, There is not a single Indian who has not lied to get married, even if everything is good, I mean even if they are from the same caste, girls age is less than boy, and other attributes, Indian men always think about other women during and after marriage, Indian men marry to please their parents, its ok for men to lie about their age. Most indian men are more than six years older to their wives, horoscopes are altered to get the Indian man married, but all doshas are seen in a girls horoscope except when her father is rich. If Indian men spend years on the internet harassing/chatting with unknown women, it is not included as part of background check.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's a backward society dear. Don't worry, not all of them are like that. Eg" That Abhishek Singh above me. There are few really honest guys as well.

    Anyway, the day arranged marriages stop is the day Indian women grow up and get educated. I have very less respect for my Asian buddies who marry quickly just for the sake of settling down to show their worth.

    Source(s): Indian girl, not interested in marriage or kids (yuck!)
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because they're neither truly God fearing nor principled at all so, not worth considering. It is necessary to verify everything independently before finalising the selection before engagement. Both guys & gals lie to hook up a spouse at the right time.

    Most of Indian boys & girls are very greedy. That is exhibited during negotiations for marriage.

  • Baldev
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    8 years ago

    Dear friend, guys lie to get married to a girl in the same way a girl lie to get married to a guy. I said a girl not all girls because every person is not same and not all people lie. All people are not liars but most of them by default boast about their accomplishments and achievements and hide their faults, every single person has good and bad qualities but people who tell others as you said about their true colors are considered to be manner less and rude, so they hide their bad hobbies or habits specially when they meet their prospective other half.

    All people are not bad, but nowadays we have developed an attitude where we are cool with whatever bad habits we have or whatever bad things we have done and we also defend them by saying that it just happened but we do not accept our other half doing same things.

  • 8 years ago

    In the Indian culture and traditions women are looked down upon as lesser to a man, and having a husband gives them some "worth". Indian men are really raised to have no respect for women, and therefore when they want one, they will do anything to get them, including huge lies. It's disgusting but that's the truth.

  • 8 years ago

    Let me tell you something .. Telling truth to someone is the bravest thing that men do but Indian girls are quite foolish that they believe anything men tell to them.. I Really hope it doesn't happen to you...

    Even I'm an Indian Boy but never hide something from our beloved ones...

  • 8 years ago

    They do it to make themselves seem better than they are.

    they're no different than any other man.

    Besides, would you rather marry an engineer, or a guy who is "Steve From Omaha" at the Microsoft call center?

  • 8 years ago

    Because to them its just a game. That's why they call them players. My 1st and 3rd husbands were players.

    You really just have to keep your eyes open and believe what you see, and not the lies you tell yourself.

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