Is this company Fake?

Hello Every One

One of my friends forced me to take membership in an edupreneur company, It is corevision edupreneurs pvt ltd.. it even has its website

It provides three packages

1. Free e-educational package

The following are the contents of the package

Free e- Educational Package consists of:

Computer Courses. 1) Windows 98

2) Windows XP

3) Windows Vista

4) Windows 7

5) Microsoft Word 2007

6) Microsoft Excel 2007

7) Microsoft Power Point 2007

8) Microsoft Access 2007

9) Microsoft Outlook 2007

10) ‘C’ language

11) C++

12) Data Structure Through C

13) C#

14) Database Fundamental (SQL)

15) Visual Basic. Net

16) Computer Hardware

17) Internet

Online Examination and Certification.

Note:-Business opportunity as well

2. Basic e- educational package

1.Computer Courses.

Operating System

1) Windows 98

2) Windows XP

3) Windows VISTA

4) Windows 7

5) Unix

6) Redhat Linux

Office Automation

7) Microsoft Word 2007

8) Microsoft Excel 2007

9) Microsoft Power Point 2007

10) Microsoft Access 2007

11) Microsoft Outlook 2007

Programming & Software Development

12) ‘C’ language

13) Data Structure Through C

14) C++

15) C#

16) Visual Basic


17) Adobe Page maker 7.0

Hardware and Networking

18) Computer Hardware

19) Networking


20) Database Fundamental (SQL)

21) My SQL

Financial Accounting System

22) Tally 8.1

23) Tally 9

Web Designing and Scripting

24) HTML


26) Java Script

27) CSS

Miscellaneous(Internet Application)

28) Internet

29) Google App

30) Orkut

31) Facebook

2. Online Examination and Certification

3. Offline Courses and Video Tutorial DVD.

Cost of Basic e- Educational Package is Rs. 1155/- (Lifetime)

Package Cost Rs. 1,100

V.A.T./C.S.T. Rs. 55

Online Support. Free

Total Cost : Rs. 1155/- (This is for Life time)

As i donot have space i will add details to the question in next one


1. Website : e.g. or

2. Computer Courses (5 DVD’s and Online 85 approx.)

3. Utility Courses (Online 200 approx)

4. Online Examination and Certification

5. Unlimited Web Space {Condition Applied }.

6. Web Builders (Premium Version & Licensed)

7. S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

8. Language Learning's and PDP Programs : English learning

9. Ethical hacking. {Coming Up}

…. & much more to come in all streams of Education....

Details of Computer Courses:-

Operating System

1) Windows 98

2) Windows ME / XP

3) DOS

4) Inside Operating System

5) Introduction to BIOS

6) Windows 7

7) Windows VISTA


9) Mac OS

10) Sun Micro system

11) Microsoft Windows Server 2K3

Office Automation

12) Microsoft Word

13) Microsoft Excel

14) Microsoft Power Point

15) Microsoft Access

16) Microsoft Front Page

17) Microsoft Publisher

18) Microsoft Outlook

19) Acr

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    It looks like a fraud to me.

    They have a facebook page. At the very top of that page, they have a sentence in 'text-speak', namely "IF U HAVE BIG DREAMS IN U THEN WE HAVE A BIG OPPORTUNITY TO ACHIEVE ALL UR BIG DREAMS ,IF U WANT TO BE VERY SUCCESSFUL IN THIS AGE & WANT TO BE SELF INDIPENDENT JUST LIKE THE PAGE AND CALL ON :07207412030 "

    Now, for a 'company' that claims to be all about education, this is absolutely ridiculous. They couldn't even be bothered to get someone to write the sentence in proper English. They use 'U' and 'UR' in place of the words 'you' and 'your'. 'INDIPENDENT' is misspelled. Apparently they do not even know how to use a computer spell-checker.

    If you scroll down the facebook page, you (or U, as they would say) will find a picture of 8 young men, called 'SUPER HEROES OF COREVISION'. These are probably the eight college students behind the scam. They do not look like educators to me, that much is certain. They appear to be students who know how to create slick-looking web pages and collect payments, that's all.


    I looked at the money conversion.

    Rs. 1155/- is about equal to $ 20 USD dollars. It is completely impossible that you (U) are going to get all those courses and stuff for 20 bucks. I'll use a texting symbol too : LOL .

    And why would you need a 'lifetime membership' anyway ?

    They are just trying to collect $ 20 USD from as many people as they can.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    and for your kind information company is legal you can see its TIN NO TAN NO and PAN NO

  • 6 years ago

    Yaaaaaa It is

    Its completely a fraud. And Plz don't relate your(thje guy above) stupid fraud business to our nation. You too are a fraud member of your fraud company.

    There is nothing like a company in it.

    I can tell u my friend, how these frauds trap you(we the common people).

    Firstly they try to tackle your feelings.. Now feelings about your dreams, feeling for your parents. They will be like "your parents sacrificed a lot for you, this is your turn, join us, u can earn a lot "and all that ****.

    Second thing : they would ask you to see dreams, and all those money oriented things.. You can check that they are going to ask you about your favorite car or bike or something that needs money, in short they would try to show you that you need them to fulfill your dreams.

    Thirdly : They say that You aren't paying for the business, you are paying for the products ie those **** computer courses.

    Business is up to you. But let me tell you my friend, those computer courses are not much more than a big ****.

    Its like they want to show that they are selling you something and for the name sake they have uploaded something very useless. Even one computer course is not up to the mark.

    And there are videos they would show you to prove that they are selling you a very good thing. But that's just for the show, I mean they are still there for you but those don't make the product part good. Like a video telling you to open or close something that's really making you a fool. They aren't covering even the major topics for a course. What I saw is, for the name sake they have computer courses. To show you that they are selling you something.

    Fourthly : They say that You can give an exam and you would get a certificate, but let me tell u the certificate is of no use. its only for the self assignment.

    And there are many more things about the firm which proves it is a fraud.

    Everyone..... plz plz don't be a part of this fraud firm.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


    They (Devender Singh Phogat and Vikas Punia) play with people's emotions. The students are easily manipulated in the name of huge income and parents dream. Their packages are not updated since the company's inception. People dont receive money. Its a huge loss to join this organisation. Even customer care doesnt help. Once their work is done, they will leave you. They dont provide site. Who wants to learn to about windows 98, old photoshop and maya versions??

    Each course is outdated. The certificates provided fetch zero value. They cant help you get a job. The tutorials and quizes doesnt open.Its a not a trustworthy company. Everything is disorganized and unchecked for.

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  • 6 years ago

    Dear Negative Peoples do you have any legal certificate that you are legal person in this world ????

    You Have Any Certificate that Whatever You said is 100% Correct and Genuine ????

    Do you Have any kind of Certification by Government Or Even From your parents that you Can t Lie ????

    Collect all them then Say Anything About Corevision Edupreneurs Pvt. Ltd

    It is Genuine And 100% Ethical Company

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Hello mister!!! you are such an negative person!! Just know what you are speaking, just have some humanity, we are serving our nation and you are saying that we are fake!!! just have some shame on you!! We are legal to the word legal itself!!! we are paying tax to govt of India!! paying tax to govt is any fake thing??? And you are saying that our company is fraud!!! Our company is totally legalized,check the TIN,TAN,PAN numbers. We are providing a great opportunity with the e education package. Feel great to have such an package!!! Be proud to have such a company in India. WE ARE LEGAL!!!



  • 6 years ago

    This is fraud company i know about this company the founder of this company is mr. Devender singh phogat he started this company in hyderabad by mouth publicity and mr vikas punia was one of the leader of hyderabad city.... they all bastard started giving seminar and attract youth and students by motivating and spoon feeding words about life and dream and collect 4000 rs from each person and even they collect 50rs for listening their seminar.... But friends according to andhra and telangana rules MLM company i banned if they do such chain system they will get arrested... so its my advice to not participate in this fraud company.

  • 4 years ago

    The people who dont accept the truth that corevision is fully legal they can see in government websites and so many are saying its waste they didnt earn any money, but darlings its not an Atm machine to give money you have to work you have to improve your buissines skills and i think you saw a chain systems now see network marketing come to truth

  • 5 years ago

    I don't understand is it real or fake but I took membership in that company they gave me one login id they said that all the course are available at online but not a single video is playing

  • 4 years ago


    i don't understand why people are bothered about silly facebook page's spelling mistakes ( Did anyone tell you that it was the page created officially by company?? whereas any1 can create such sort of things in facebook.once think i can also create your name's page and write any thing with mistakes)

    your problem is just about legalities, right?

    1.Go through our company name "COREVISION EDUPRENEURS PRIVATE LIMITED"

    NOTE:it is an official govt portal site

    2. this company is in 6th position among mlm's in india

    go through

    3. also clouded in can also track this company here

    it's not your chain system let you know it is called NETWORK MARKETING or DIRECT SALES MARKETING

    which is completely legal in india.

    Go through

    Youtube thumbnail

    To control this kinda companies there is an association started in 2009 , by our trade minister of india called

    INDIAN DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION (IDSA) . The state government directly regulates this company from next month(november 2k16) in india and will provide license for instant proof. you can notice around you that entrepreneurship awareness throughout colleges in the cities

    Final message to all informationless people and those who committed that it is illegal.



    thank you supporters and more power to entrepreneurs (Y)

    jai hind!!


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