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What denotes a best answer?

What characteristics does it have? Doesn't anyone else but me have trouble choosing a best answer? If I get a large response of thoughtful answers, it's difficult to choose. I usually read the list several times...trying to narrow it down, but in the end, it's really based on how I'm feeling that day and which response speaks to me more. I feel like I'm judging art.

How do you choose?

Please elaborate.

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    There are questions where there can be just one correct answer ( a simplistic example "how much is 2+2?").......... but when it comes to sections like Philosophy, there is never one correct answer and different perspectives come into play (example... if that 2+2 question is to be replied philosophically, there can be different ways.... it's less than 2+3 or more than 2+1.... 2+2 isn't 4 when it comes to qualitative aspects meaning 2 good qualities along with 2 more doesn't make it doubly better in all circumstances).

    Having made that point, let me accept straightaway that in a section like Philosophy, one is indeed apt to find judging answers like they were different pieces of art... in the ultimate analysis, whichever vibes well with the questioner would most likely win the race, unless there is some personal bias opposite one or more answerers.... usually a 'contact' would benefit from such bias. Most of the times though, the questioner himself has his own view on the issue raised in the question and hardly ever would he award a counter-view.

    It is because of these factors that many a time one would feel as though the choice made by someone else was skewed or unfair..... that is the kind of feeling we must deliberately shun whenever our own answer doesn't get chosen and have a magnanimous view that there are always more opinions than the number of people having them and they all count one way or another.

    In the ultimate analysis, a best answer is that which was chosen for whatever reason...... period!

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    I am okay about it being an artform and I choose on that basis of how I am feeling in the moment - Sometimes one of my contacts answers which is a tough call - I think of it as a way of understanding myself more - I pretty much like it when people are personal and direct in their answers and yes I too look at the date to see who copied whom because it has happened to me that my question is copied - I put typos in to my answers so I can see which one I am when I am copied.

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    Well if you have a lot of answers to choose one try this strategy.

    If you have repeating answers cross off the newer ones and keep the ones that were answered first or else it might have been copied. Next see which one helped you more if you cant decide ask your self your own question and see if its answered fully or partially. if you still have answers, ask yourself again and see which one would be more helpful if this were asked by someone who knew nothing about it. Hope i helped.

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    I haven't asked a question here but I noticed that some choose an answer that best satisfies their ego. Even if one answer is "more" right - lol - than that of the others.

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    I choose based on how well the response resonates to the question.

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    It is as you say.

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