Tomtom map updates does it also update the street maps?

If you have tomtom and you want to update the maps (2yrs ago) last done Do they update the street maps or just the road maps. As im trying to find streets and they cannot be found in the tomtom

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  • 8 years ago
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    Streets are roads, so of course.

    Type the name of the town when it asks for the city, so for example if you wanted a street in Camden town, type Camden town ... not London. It doesn't always find them though, even though they are there, sometimes you need to put the post code, or part of it and scroll down the list of roads.

    a google search for "camden town postcode" get's enough info' for the tomtom, unfortunately sometimes you need an internet enabled phone as well as the sat-nav (if you're planning a route from your vehicle).

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