Should I dump a desperate girl?

I met a girl through an online dating website. The girl is based in India and I'm an American. However, the girl was visiting her uncle in the States and she signed up on a dating website while she was here. We lived in the same city and decided to meet after two weeks of chatting and phone conversations.

We got along pretty well and liked each other. However, at the end of the day (our first date), the girl professed her deep love for me and asked me if we could French kiss! I got carried away and kissed her! How can one fall in such deep love in 2 weeks of knowing the other person?

After I reached home after the first date, i got many love-laced emails and txt messages from her and she said she was ready to marry me and all. I'm still shocked at WTF just happened on the first date. I just went along but finally told her I was not ready for marriage yet. She got all emotional over the phone, began crying, and nudged me to say 'yes.' I did reluctantly say 'yes'...

Well, thankfully, the girl is back in India but plans to come to the US next year and marry me! She has even chosen the names of our kids and all. The thing is, why is this girl behaving this way? Is this normal? Is this how girls in Asia (India specifically) date? Cultural difference? I've only been on a few dates and I've never seen a girl so desperate of marriage! Could someone please tell me what to do? Thanks!

PS: the girl was in a 3-year-relationship with a guy in India.


The girl is a doctor in India, so she's smart. She has passed one of the USMLE exams (American medical board exam) with a 95 percentile score - which is an outstanding score. I feel she's intelligent but crazy! Can this happen? Someone please help me out. We're 2 months into our "relationship" and I'm still a little freaked out at her behavior.

Update 2:

She has even picked out the engagement and marriage dates, bridal dress, etc. WTF. She even emailed me pics of a wedding cake!

Update 3:

One thing is for sure: the day I dump her she'll get sucidal and hurt herself physically.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well she is clearly nuts. No one is in love after 2 weeks they are obsessed, obsession never ends well.

    Write to her and say that it's over and cut all contact with her.

  • Brat
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    9 years ago

    People in other countries do not take things as lightly as we do here in America.

    That being said.... She's either emotionally unstable, or she is trying to get a green card.

    Stop leading her on, and just be honest.

  • 9 years ago

    dude, shes a crazy *****. My advice : GET THE **** AWAY FROM YAHOO ANSWERS AND RUN !!!!!!!!

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