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ayurveda or modern medicine compare and which is better?


update 1:after continuous research i have realized that,always give first choice to ayurveda(or any holistic medicine for that),if you feel it doesn't work go for modern medicine.this applies to cold as well as cancer.taking pills unnecessarily is the main cause of diabetes and various types of diseases.nowadays people are having sugar and diabetes even at the age of 30.

Update 2:

uptade 2: what is the reason?(the main reason is because,it is those pharmaceutical companies that decide whether you have a normal sugar or diabetes level ) another reason is those pills,our grandpas and grandpas had sugar or diabetes at the age of 70's and 80's,but we have to go through this in the age of 30 itself?what happened?the answer is modern medicine,ALL PILLS YOU TAKE HAVE SIDE AFFECTS.

Update 3:

update 3:so always give the first chance to ancient medicinal therapy(iam not referring to ayurveda alone),if it doesn't work go for modern medicine.but remember holistic medicine take time,so it is just a matter of choice.die affects for entire life or patience?

Update 4:

update 4:imperialpoetpurple pointed out that some ayurvedic medicine contain toxic metals like lead,zinc.yes indeed true,but let me tell you that these are very much present in those medicines prescribed by your doctor,even in foods you consume(example banana) and in nutrient water but no one talks about it. zinc and lead is essential to our body, they develop immunity,but everything has a limit,and ayurveda never asks you to cross this limit.

Update 5:

last update:i once read about a hebral medicine practitioner who cures diseases like cancer through herbal medicine(iam not kidding)


many of you may take it as a fake one,but why should he cheat you?after all he doesn't charge anything and what are you going to loose by trying it out.

and note that even the medicines he prescribes are given by him and they are completely free,

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    well first i would like to explain both ;

    ayurveda : oldest form of medicine in the world, originated in and dates back to 3000 bc to 2000 bc.. ayurveda does not use any chemicals only herbs( so no side effects) and sometimes copper,gold,potassium permangante for increasing the immunity in humans( has limitation if it crosses that it leads to death). it uses simple instruments for surgeries and treatment. 2 great ancient doctors are sushrutha the surgeon(father of surgery) ad charaka the physician(father of medicine) were born on 8th century bc.they were the authors of charaka samhita and sushrutha samhita.

    charaka samhita includes digestion,metabolism,immunity,genetics,anatomy of human body,etiology,physiology,embryology, e.t.c. he classified human body and character into three sections in his book charaka samhita.A physician who fails to enter the body of a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can never treat diseases. He should first study all the factors, including environment, which influence a patient's disease, and then prescribe treatment. It is more important to prevent the occurrence of disease than to seek a cure -- charaka

    sushrutha samhita describes 300 procedures of surgery and 120 surgical instruments. he made complicated surgeries like catarct,artificial limbs,plastic surgery,fractures,brain tumors,e.t.c. he was the first one in the world to use anesthesia and injection. ayurveda means science of longeivity and it could solve 90% of the modern surgeries through medicines.but it has a disadvantage that it reacts little slow but it can cure of the disease completely and make sure it does not occur again.but after the invention of injection by sushrutha reactions became fast.ayurveda is a master of nervous system,digestion,bones,anatomy,genetics,metabolism,surgeries e.t.c.

    modern medicine : originated mostly i europe around 14th to 15th century ad. mostly everyone knew about this but still i would like to explain. it is not based on cure but postponing. it does not guarantee complete cure mostly based on surgeries but it can too solve all the diseases upto a limit it's advantage is treatment of cancer which is not described in ayurveda( only the basics are inscribed and it's prevention is detailedly explained). as it is based on chemicals side effects are common. it is based on modern bio tech machines. and is widely used in the world.great doctors are found in the world but mostly modern medicine seeks for the cure not for understanding the disease. for eg: if you go to the doctor with fever and tells 3 days he immediately judges it to be viral fever and prescribes some tablets,not knowing that fever is just an indicator malaria,dengu,typhoid,swine flu all start with fever only.so this a major drawback for modern medicine.

    by the above comparison i prefer ayurveda better than modern medicine as it does has most of advantages of modern medicine and not postpones but cures. but if modern medicine combine with ayurveda we can make wonders.

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    Ayurveda And Modern Medicine

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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/ax1P0

    Modern medicine is good if you are on "deaths door". Most illnesses can be treated and avoided by using Ayurveda. I had a kidney stone problem(one stone after another). Modern doctors told me I was eating to many greens. I don't eat enough greens,so I new that wasn't right. An Ayurveda book said,for my body type,it was potatoes. I cut back on them and no more kidney stones.

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    Both forms of medicines can be abused/misused. I do respect ayurveda as a 'system' and as an early folk medicine that emphasizes prevention and using meditation and encouraging a healthy lifestyle incorporating a holistic approach to one's diet and overall health concerns. I would also say that it has limitations, and one must not accpt blindly much of its dogma and its actual medicines. For example,

    many time ayurveda has been studied and quite a few of its herbs and medicines have been found to contain toxins such as mercury, arsenic and other toxins. Also, one must realize the lack of standards in the making and practicing of such medicines in ayurveda which one in a sense lazily now takes for granted in modern medicine - is a very important consideration.

    Modern medicine has its problems; it can be abused in many way. Certainly its practitioners can be insensitive to such issues as 'addiction' and 'dependency. Modern medicine has become taken for granted in many ways, and the art of healing becomes corporatized rather than a great art of exploration and healing. Nevertheless, modern medicine has saved many lives; it has increased overall our life expectancies and has irradicated terrible diseases and scourges that once brought unimaginable sorrows and pain to the world. I like to see modern medicine as the righteous inheritor

    of such ancient arts as ayurveda and other alchemies...

    Source(s): I'm a retired mental health therapist, and I'm also battling an advanced cancer - a kidney cancer. While modern medicne has often caused me the pain of nasty side-effects, I would have been dead likely at least a year ago if not for it's wonderful cat scans and mris. My micro fractures would have been unbearable without modern medicine and my right arm would be amputated now without wonderful modern medicine. Modern immunotherapy has clearly also greatly prolonged my life.
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    I can only give you my dog and myself as an example: my dog suffers from diabetes insipidus which is a very rare disease and in her case might be from too much inbreeding(I have a black labrador retriever). At first I had her treated by a veterinarian, who put her on 0.6mg of Desmopressin/day. Then I went to a holistic vet who told me to take her off the dry dog food, prescribed phytoplankton and a clay supplement for her to take in addition to the medication given by the veterinarian. Believe it or not, 2 months after changing her diet from dog food to raw food, and giving her the prescribed supplements were we already able to cut her medication in half--the horrible bloating is gone, the excessive drinking is gone--it actually looks as if my dog will recover from this disease. For myself can I only say that after watching how my dog started recovery I decided to do the same good stuff for myself. I started taking the phytoplankton(it's good for animals and people), the clay supplement and then my natural doctor decided to also put me on brown seaweed(mainly the edible kind, not the extract). I've had a type of fungi on my scalp that itched terribly, an eczema, brittle fingernails, and sleepless nights. After a few days on the prescribed supplements did I notice that the itching stopped, the flakes started to kind of dry up and then disappear and best of all, the eczema disappeared. By now am I able to sleep like a baby again(I had difficulties going to sleep since 10 years), my hair is growing like crazy and it looks like my brittle nails are getting better. I also know of a friend who had a dog that suffered liver problems so bad that the veterinarian told her that she should put the dog to sleep. Instead, she decided to get help from a holistic practioner and her dog recovered fully within 2 months. From my personal experience and the one of my friend do I see that ayuverdic medicine, which is holistic medicine, takes nutrition extremely serious. It also looks to me that most of the illnesses are a result of malnutrition--the body doesn't get the nutrients it needs for proper cell building, therefore can't function properly. So there is no particular illness that gets cured with it--it's a variety of illnesses that get cured because those who turn to holistic/ayuverdic medicine are beginng to take proper nutrition...and that allows the body to heal itself.......

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    You are not going to find the answer here. It is not a matter of opinion; you have to look at the facts. How does each one treat disease? What studies have been done? What is the scientific evidence? What are the success rates of each system? Can claims be proven?

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    modern medicine is good for instant relief not good for permanent.

    where ayurveda not good for instant relief and take pretty much time to cure permanent ally.

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    ayurveda is better because it has no sideeffect and this finish Disease completely

    Source(s): You can see,now every brand wants to show they use natural technology and using word DABUR for this.
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