Thoughts on the educational system?

Recently I was talking with a professor from UCLA. She said that test taking, scoring and the educational system is just a basis for us to be fed knowledge and then regurgitate them upon tests. She said that we should test intellect by not how good your IQ is but how much you know of any subject. Why dont we do that? Thoughts?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes- that's how most educators feel about the standardized testing required by NCLB. They have turned schools into places focused on the memorization of discrete facts. HOWEVER, there is a new set of standards, adopted by 47 states so far. They require much more in the way of analysis, and seek to measure skills and performance rather than simple memorization. You can Google them- look up Common Core Standards. They've been agreed on for English and math so far. If the UCLA professor isn't aware of them, she should be. New tests are being devised- they will be required for schools over the next two years.

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