Computer operating system re-installing?please help!!!?

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please read this whole thing. i beg of you. last week i used a pen drive and from then onwards my pc became insanely slow. these are the things that happened and are troubling me. more
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  • Sujoy answered 2 years ago
it could possible that you have not set your dvd/rom as your fist boot device
try this by entring your bios set up by pressing del/f2/f10 key then go to boot tab set dvd/rw as fist boot devic...
then try if it not worked
then try bootable pendrive
for the software for making bootable pendrive with win xp is novicop win to flas
the link is

if you have any more problem then mail me.


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thanks a lot pal. and thanks for others who answered this question. i choose sujoy because the software novicorp worked to a great extent(although i had to download few iso files and mount them). thanks a lot sujoy.
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  • Sum Ting Wong answered 2 years ago
    let me begin by saying sorry to hear about your computer im a vista w7 user but hopefully i can get you in right direction .. i agree since there isn't a restore point old enough and damage is extensive format is desirable let me remind you there are 2 ways to use disk 1 insert in disk drive then power cycle computer for reboot to disk options or turn on computer insert in drive then right click on computer then right click on DVD drive then click install option but before you do that let me suggest that it is desirable to restore from partition restore image by using system image restore in repair disk or xp equivalent this way you will be using your own OS system just re wind to beginning instead of clean instal which may be infected if you downloaded it from a untrustworthy site be aware that the system image restore option would still be available and so would not pose problem since OS will be original but here is the most important part here is were you get program to install os via usb
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  • RAHUL G answered 2 years ago
    call me 9619988295
    pc clinic , Thane
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