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Are humans just a system of systems?

From our DNA up to our bodily systems; societal...and then what? The next logical size would be worldwide, and then what, astronomical(cosmological?) But I fear we haven't mastered the former yet. What does it say about us....and our role in the universe?

What do you think?

Please elaborate.

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    Howzit and aloha. Seen you around for years. nice meaty question.

    Here's the arrangement of "sizes" as I see:

    1) self

    2) family

    3) group - includes your societal

    4) species (all man)

    5) all life forms

    6) astronomical (energy, space, matter, time)

    7) spiritual stuff

    8) everything else grouped into the "forever/eternal" misc bin.

    these would form concentric circles with self at the center.

    Totally agree that the outer "rings" or areas havent been mastered yet - more like most are barely good on the family unit system.

    i think what it says about us is that we have much mastery to go. Our role is a whole other debatable subject - in a phrase i would have to say "demi-god with amnesia who forgot that he's actually the master of this whole thing and is now all messed up & tangled in it."

    Thats my attempt at a 3-point shot from outside bounds.... Im out.

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    8 years ago

    Sorta goin on with that, i have a theory that multicellular organisms aren't just "a living thing" but because cells are alive that multicellular organisms are "many living things functioning together to build a structure... As for our role in the universe, if there are the proper conditions and enough carbon water and other elements of basic life, then life will be created

  • Raja
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    A human being is always living with a group of spirits or invisible elements which have joined one by one since birth. Between creatures (including human beings) and God there are millions of invisible elements. There are divisions too. We are just robots made of different materials (flesh, bones, nerves etc.,) created by scientist God or eternal beings to entertain God. Each of us have memories like computers have RAM. The fed things (data= knowledge=several spirits or invisible elements) are in contact with the memories since childhood. Even thoughts are not our own. One after another the spirits think and we choose (accept) or reject based on the knowledge we possess. If current (electricity) stopped the memory loses all data. This is with computer. The same thing occurs to all of us. Computers are functioning by electric power but human beings are functioning by natural power. We call this as soul. This soul is nothing but simply a power like electricity. If this is stopped our memories lose all data (all spirits or invisible elements). These spirits leave the body and go to different places. No one lives in the form of spirit or anything after death. We are simply our bodies, the toys made for spirits for their games.

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    i think, sorta, but its a system that makes us 'alive' and 'conscious' the way we are

    i agree, we havent really got societal down at all, we know what we should be doing for it, but we dont, and our body well that does its own thing

    it says our role is pretty much the same as all other life, and any other animal at the top would , in my view, probably eventually be where we are , after thousands of years of evolution, tho who knows, maybe they would be better at it


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    We are all exactly where we need to be, as individuals and as a species. Are we part of a larger something (system within a system)? Yes, of course. This school called Earth is beautiful, but complicated & difficult, and the most difficult part is realizing that we are all perfect exactly as we are.

    Namaste old friend!

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