Poll: How are these Hindi lines?

Beech Raah Mein Aey Doston Bichhad Jayen Kahin Hum Sabhi Agar
Aur Sooni Si Lage Tumhe Jeevan Ki Yeh Dagar
Hum Laut Aayenge Tum Yoon Hi Bulate Rehna
Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna
Rote Hanste Bas Yoon Hi Tum Gungunate Rehna.
Update: Friends, if all we are parted at any of our paths
and you feel that life is lonely
I will return,you just keep calling
never say goodbye.
While crying, laughing,you keep humming like that.
Update 2: @Rinki: I have not written it, it's a lines from a song.
Update 3: @Rinki: you are right, they are nice lines, I like it very much.
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