Is cervical cancer transmitted through sex and sex only?

I was having an argument with my friend, who is more of a hypochondriac than me ( and that is saying something ) about her having cervical cancer. She doesn't smoke and is still a virgin. She keeps telling me that she 'knows' she has cervical cancer, even though she got her OBGYN doctor to give her a pap smear, even though she is 16 ( my friend, not the doctor ). It is starting to get on my nerves, because it is ruining her life. Please help me explain this to her. Isn't cervical cancer transmitted from sex and or smoking?


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    A star for you for being so health conscious and asking a nice Q!

    "As is the age old medical dictum, 'sexually transmitted diseases (STD)' which comprise a specialty of Medicine in it self are a consequence to; irresponsible, unhygienic, promiscuity which are the key but not the only factors in spreading STD earlier known as VD Venereal Diseases and some times several other health problems. Always remember an ounce of precaution is worth more than a pound of cure! Further some of these medical problems are hard to detect, difficult to treat and or cure and can be debilitating and potentially fatal.

    Viruses causing Herpes and Infectious Mononucleosis have been described as viruses of love and have no cure. True love may or may not last for ever but Herpes will with the present medical know how.

    So per Social and Preventive Medicine, it is always prudent common sense, moral and medical duty to observe precautions for personal safety and that of others." a quotation of Dr. Singh

    Cervical Cancer has several risk factors and (HPV) Human Papilloma Virus is a significant risk factor in causing cervical cancer. If it was not the case there was not much need to make a vaccine.

    HPV like AIDS virus is sexually transmissible.

    Hope that helps answer your question and quest.

    There will be several articles in reference to your Q by (NIH) National Institute of Health and in the medical literature.

    Any Q you may drop a line via friendly Yahoo personnel.

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    No. The HPV is transmitted through unprotected sex and HPV can cause a certain type of cervical cancer but NOT all. Some don't have any specific cause, they just happen You can get cervical cancer even if you have never had sex.

  • 8 years ago

    Cervical cancer is not transmitted at all.

    It is the human papilloma virus which can be transmitted rather easily

    and that is only a risk factor. Only a small fraction of people with HPV

    ever develop cervical cancer.

    Source(s): MD Medical Oncologist and Hematologist - a cancer and blood specialist doctor - with twenty years experience.
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    Yes cervical cancer is usually from the transmission of the virus HPV (human papilloma virus)- its the virus that gives you warts.

    There are heaps of versions of this virus. Some weak ones give you warts while others can lead to cervical cancer by destroying your body's normal ability to stop cancer.

    The vaccination Gardosil protects against the main versions that cause cancer. Although in some rare cases you can get cervical cancer from one of the versions it doesn't protect against.

    The peak age of cervical cancer is 45.

    Yes smoking is a factor which contributes, but the HPV virus is the main thing.

    Source(s): Med student
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    Cervical cancer isn't "transmitted" by sex at all. Cancer of any sort can not be transmitted.

    HPV (human papillomavirus) is the virus known to be a cause of cervical cancer in some cases (NOT in all cases, just SOME). HPV is what gets sexually transmitted - and even then it's more likely to manifest as genital warts. Most people with HPV will not get cancer as a result, and most people with cervical cancer either don't have HPV or have cervical cancer caused by other factors.

    The biggest risk factor, as will all cancers, is age. It's certainly not a cancer seen in teenagers.

    Both you and your friend are wrong: she does not "know" she has cervical cancer (far too young), and you do not know that cancer can not be "transmitted" by sex. The HPV can be transmitted by sex, but in most cases it isn't the cause of cervical cancer.

    ETA: poster "nochocolate" should know that the vaccine is for HPV, not cervical cancer. There is no vaccine to stop you getting cervical cancer. You can get the vaccine to stop HPV, but since HPV isn't the primary cause of cervical cancer, it doesn't really reduce your chances of getting cervical cancer later in life.

    I am also doubting "Matthew" status as a Medical Student...shouldn't he know that HPV isn't the primary cause of cervical cancer?

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    It is the HPV virus which gets transmitted which is the causative factor for cervical cancer.

    Source(s): WW
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    ****EDIT FOR RACHEL ok Rachel, Let's say you/ve taken down the odds of getting cervical cancer by 70% when you get the vaccine. Some studies make it much higher than that.

    But yeah, you get it by having sex. I think maybe smoking might increase you chances of getting it, that is IF YOU HAVE SEX. Because that is the way you get it.

    Also, cervical cancer usually doesn't happen to 16 year olds. If you get exposed to it (it meaning HPV), it takes a while to grow into cancer. Maybe 10 years or so.

    So she should get the vaccine since she's so paranoid.

    And yes, Spreedog is right, it is a virus (HPV) that sometimes turns into cervical cancer.

    EDIT**** High-risk HPVs cause virtually all cervical cancers. They also cause most anal cancers and some vaginal, vulvar, penile, and oropharyngeal cancers.

    Most infections with high-risk HPVs do not cause cancer. Many HPV infections go away on their own within 1 to 2 years. However, infections that last for many years increase a person’s risk of developing cancer.

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    8 years ago

    I should also point out that your friend being a virgin can be a red herring. HPV is transmissible via sex, and this includes oral sex (which many minors don't consider intercourse).

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    8 years ago

    Sex doesn't cause cancer or we'd all be dying...

    tds obviously given by those that can't get any...

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