Cont. answer to prev ? what things to expect in new kingdom?

Pt.1 = spiritual natural side is the normal. Lamb's Wife. Heavenly. Pt. 2 cont. "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, no more death, or sorrow, or crying and no more pain." Rev. 21: 4, 5. "My soul, pleasures forever more, peace, love, joy, thirst, desires, appetites God can satisfy. National prosperity! Longevity greatly increase, beast ferocity will be removed. Absoute Equity! New heights of spiritual, intellectual, physical, perfection in humanity, we will attain? All things are possible when Jesus is Lord! "There will be no night, no death, no disease, no war, no disappointments, no ignorance. It will be filled with health, vigor, knowledge, happiness, robes, palms, music, crowns, precious stones, gold, light, colors of the rainbow, water, friendship, the presences of God and His Son Jesus. (Ref: Billy Graham, World Afame.)

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