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Does judgment always lead to discrimination?

I hate to use absolutes, determine the value of something is to pit it against a contrasting element, no?

What do you think?

Please elaborate.

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    Judgment can take many forms, and be either analytical or irrational. In either case, it is usually aimed at a single quantity, like a person, group, object, room decor, etc.

    Discrimination implies a comparison between two or more quantities with similar characteristics. One is "out", and the other is "in". Discrimination is usually construed as being against something or someone, but discrimination can also be a preferential selection, such as "discriminating tastes".

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    the one (judgment) has nothing to do with the other (discr.)

    how come? what is to judge something? it means to put some quality on it

    that can be either bad or good, right?

    when someone is in competition and there are judges, they decide who is the winner

    well, it is basically the same thing.

    only some people use it sometimes (or may be too often, or constantly) in the wrong way

    to judge is to consider, to put a name on it in order to recognize it somehow

    "he is the champion because ......" so now you know who the champion is and why

    and like I said, when use in different situations people misuse(abuse) their "authority" like they have the right to do it.

    in short, this is miscommunication and misunderstanding ( the old story) of perception

    A KNIFE is not dangerous AS LONG AS you are not going to use it in specific way

    otherwise just prepare you meal

    judge, consider, deem , etc that is not the problem, unless you are putting some other spices in it

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    I'd say yes.

    Judgement IS discrimination.

    If you looked outside at night and saw a guy with an axe and a ski mask in your yard, I'm sure you'd judge that quickly as a negative.

    If you just saw the grass and yard and couldn't distinguish the dude... well... you couldn't discriminate or tell the difference... therefore couldn't judge...

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    Judgement is not an absolute. However I see what you're saying, there's a sense of discrimination involved.

    If you for example have to choose a flavour of ice cream or need to order a pizza, you have to weigh out your options.

    Where you choose to shop, who you choose to buy from and the flavour or ingredients you want.

    If you choose ham and pineapple over strawberry, does the chocolate or vegetarian feel left out or discriminated against?

    And so it with cars, people, paths and every other choice you'll ever make in your life.

    "Allow each soul to walk it's path, for you know not what is involved in that souls evolution"



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    when things are seen as good, other things are seen as bad.

    judgement IS discrimination.

    one of a few things i learned from the bible and the only thing from the adam and eve story, is that judging is the first and only 'sin' that we commit and that we need to get out of our system. All other 'sins' are a result of it.

    Judging is the first act, the iniation, of discourse. So ingrained in our psyche, that its become a casual way of modern life (fed to us in bitesize portions through 'friendly' competion, quality choosing etc), and not easily identified as the main culprit.


    We think we judge eachother, but we're actualy judging life, nature, existence. As if we can do better. Now how arrogant is that. Even worse for them, theists are actualy judging their gods.

    Nature is nor good or bad. It is only nature doing as nature does.

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    Does judgment always lead to discrimination?

    ~~~ 'Judgment' IS 'discrimination'!!

    "It is in/as 'thought' alone that all subject/object distinctions are perceived (discrimination)!"

    Subject/object distinctions; me VS you, big VS small, objective VS subjective... and on and on ad-infinitum, is all judgment; vanity, the sin of pride! Discriminating between 'values' of 'this VS 'that'...

    'Good', after being discriminated as such, is valued as a 'positive thing' (usually because it feels comfortable) while 'evil', after being discriminated as such, is valued as a 'negative thing' (usually because it feels uncomfortable)...

    But they (good/evil, etc...) are all just opposite Perspectives of the same One Reality, schizophrenically fragmenting the One Reality!

    Judgment IS discrimination!

    Good IS evil IS good... One Reality!

    Us, rather than 'me' VS 'you'! Get it?

    Ego IS 'thought'!

    S'nuff for now.

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    Discrimination is a direct consequence of judgement.The judgement may or may not be rational and may also be borne out of wrong or false information but once you perceive something as not acceptable and discriminate it you have judged it.

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    All choice is a matter of discrimination.

    But positive discrimination also matters.

    Determining value is also another choice foregone.

  • small
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    8 years ago

    Cognizance itself is dependent on discrimination and differentiation.... judgement adds a value or standards element to such discrimination.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes unfair judge lead to war

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