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What is the difference between man and animal?

I know WE are animals too. But what distinguishes us from them....other than appearance? What do we gain from it? And what do we lose?

Your thoughts.

Please elaborate.

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    Structural differences, especially when it comes to the brain. Most animals are shown to have smaller brains and less amounts of certain anatomical features.

    As you know there is wide range of frequencies which are produced from the brain to create. The most advanced and widest spectrum of communication comes from a lager brain. (1)

    There are so many animals to compare humans by. One of those higher forms education is comparative anatomy or comparative psychology/neurology.

    What do we lose in having gained?

    A) There is a trend, where primates are more likely to have depression as they move from smaller to larger.

    B) Certain kinds of judgments interfere with socialization. Take for example the bullying and name calling that continue right into the late 20's, if not for some people making a habit of their whole lives.

    C) We segregate into so many groups, its almost incomprehensible to know them all. Such grouping can cause great rivalry and conflict amongst people. There is nothing in life more chaotic than a huge population with no single-mindedness. If we look at our closest relatives, we see that some split up, but most of the time as long you don't challenge the Alphas, there is hardly ever that much chaos, as in most governed nations (still conflict and hostility remains because of differing orders).

    These are just some examples, I would think one could write a book on all the comparisons.

    I was planning watching some series on youtube about this, when I have time. (2)

    One of the most interesting books I have read is "wild minds" which I would suggest.(3)

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    A wise old sage once explained to me that the soul which incarnates as a human, will very often reincarnate as an animal. However, the soul that has already incarnated as an animal will very rarely incarnate as a human, simply because that lesson has already been learned. In other words, the animals are the more advanced souls, but of course, we think it's the other way around. This makes a lot of sense to me since animals live a life free from materialism and judgment, two of the things that keep us trapped in this cycle of death & rebirth.

    Other than that, there really is no difference. All life comes from the same "stuff", whether it be animal, plant, or a tiny amoeba, the essence of what makes us tick is all the same, and we're all here for the same reason; to learn.

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    Friend, An ANIMAL has no BUDDHI.ANY feminine ANIMAL looks , FOR THE MALE ANIMAL AS A pleasurable ONE together with the female WHICH GAVE delivery TO THIS MALE. So An ANIMAL is continuously stuffed with KAAMA PRAVRUTTI in opposition to all feminine animals.No discrimination no relationship. A man has BUDDHI. He knows who his mother and sister are.He makes use of his discrimination and a person`s intellect is not going to think badly ( about sensuous pleasures) with all women. If a man TOO BEHAVES LIKE AN ANIMAL ANS SEES NO difference BETWEEN mother AND spouse THEN he is WORST THAN AN ""ANIMAL"" Spiritually MAN or HUMAN can by myself along with his BUDDHI can attempt to tread in the direction shown by means of the scriptures for cognizance of Brahman, that's the cause even DEVATAAS are anxious to take start as humans. Animals haven't any feel of description and devour and live and die . However Human lifestyles is one of a kind.It gives the risk TO comprehend THE excellent.

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    The defining human characteristic is the ability for abstract thought. Animals can only relate to the physical world around them. They do not have the capacity to ask, "Is this all there is? Is there nothing more?" A dog can never look at a stone and see a future arrowhead. A bird will never have a concept of anything greater than itself. A rabbit will never wonder where the wind comes from. For a human, it is impossible not to think of these things.

    From this ability, we have gained mastery of the world. We have lost innocence, because that same ability has allowed us to be able to destroy the world, and everything in it, including ourselves. The apple from the Tree of Knowledge was indeed...bitter fruit after all.

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    We just evolved to be smarter. Our appearance has nothing to do with distinguishing us from animals cuz we look like hairless monkeys and intelligence comes in all shapes and sizes. Look at dogs, or dolphins. The only thing different about people is that we were smart enough to make a better communication system. everything else that's different about us stems from our advanced language. Culture, Music, and Things that exist only in our heads like unicorns. They all come from our superior brains. There are animals with better versions of our own senses and animals with senses we don't even have, like shark noses sensing electromagnetic fields or birds having an internal compass. I think it's wrong to claim we're the best over all just cuz we're smarter.

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    I think a major difference--is conscience../or soul../

    Mostly--humans will manufacture--tools../

    Some of the wild kingdom--does USE a tool../


    Do we lose--being human..?

    I would not want to wake up a cock roach or a worm../

    Pigs and horses..have a terrible life../

    Humans as a genetic species..most likely has lost some of its..links../

    I believe that there are complete human types..dead and never coming back../


    Humans as animals--when living alongside the beasts of the forests..

    Must have started there../

    To bring about a life..

    While the beasts in the forest--seldom give it a thought.

    Source(s): Memory vs. instinct
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    We are an old species! Nobody knows where we came from, but we certainly have a long history – by our standards at least.

    Scientists tell us we started as goo, while creationists insist we were sculpted from clay by the divine hand.

    But regardless of how we began, it was from one seed, one lump of clay, or one puddle of goo. And if dust is what we all are returning to, then there is going to be one cloud of it flying around the earth. No matter the matter, this is what we are all about – oneness... the full answer is here:

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    our four legged companions are millions of years of evolution ahead of us. Thats why theyre so much in tune with nature. Its the path that evolution takes. So in the far future we'll be four legged, then bacterie, then emotions, then just thoughts and back to pure energy.

    But who knows.

    For now, lets keep assuming we're the dominant species, leaders of the pack.

    Source(s): silly of me, hey
  • Capable of control and rationality.....

    We can obtain higher spirituality and be aware of our own consciousness.

    We can create and build civilized world beside our homes, but animals can only build their havens.

    We can obtain knowledge and wisdom, whereas animals are limited to their instincts..

    We can have both instincts and good reasoning....

    Wishing You well..!!

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    We can almost look into our future, and make choices accordingly. In a way, animals live for the moment while we are always berated with choices and, i guess, our intelligence.

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