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I want to learn English Grammar?

English is the international language of science , there is vast literature out there in English .

That means if i have the sound knowledge of English i can live anywhere in the world .

So i want to learn English grammar properly and want to increase my vocabulary .

I am looking for a free website which help me to achieve my goals .

I know there are thousands of websites there for English grammar , but most of them are not very well

organised and i aslo want Video or Interactive lecture , audio so i can download them and can watch at any time on my tablet or Mobile device . Please suggest me .

and for your information [ just came to mind as its free ] if you want free workout plans go on and there are at least ten good plans [ free and well planned ]

i am following Lee labrada's 12 week plan [ lost 2 kg in 3 week ] .

please suggest me good one .

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    this is what you need!!

    they have almost everything for you to learn.. and the best of all, It's free!!

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    To improve your English grammar also check out the free "Practice English Grammar" app:

    It's one of the TOP3 Adult Education Apps in the 2014 BestAppEver Award!

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    I have really good books talking about this stuff. But really you can find everything online. Seriously you weren't taught English at School?

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    Go to Open University or Oxford dictionary site or Oxford university. You could also buy language course from Rosetta Stone which is very good

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    Learn by watching movies

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    better to be a teacher or tuition from class 2nd to 8th. u lean automatically. no need of hampering.

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    You can buy....BLUE BOOK OF GRAMMAR...!!...:-)

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