Why Muslims have destroyed Hindu temples in india?

Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb demolished all temples in Mathura, said to number 1,000. During their reign, Muslim rulers destroy roughly 60,000 Hindu temples throughout India, constructing mosques on 3,000 sites.

In the seven centuries of Muslim rule in India, they did not build one great school or hospital. All they did was to build palaces and gardens for their enjoyment, tombs to perpetuate their memory and forts for their security

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    There is no other country in the world from east to west, faces the agony that the Hindus in India have faced. There is no country in the world has been so ravaged and raped by outside forces as India has been down the centuries: Not Japan, not China, not Russia, none of the European countries, neither the Arab nations and certainly not the United States of America. Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire did not send his forces to Portugal to tear down churches, use force to convert Christians to Hinduism and indulge in religious terrorism. Prithviraj Chauhan did not invade Afghanistan nor Central Asia and raise temples. No Chola, Chera or Pandya (Indian) rulers sent a fleet to Saudi Arabia to tear down the Ka’aba and build a temple to Meenakshi on its ruins.No blood has been shed for religion in India except by its invaders.

    Why muslims have destroyed the Hindu temples in india:

    Muslim invaders from the west began pouring in large numbers one after the other. For the Muslim invaders, from Mahmood of Gazni in the eleventh century to the Moghuls in the sixteenth century,the Punjab was always the gateway of India. All these Muslim invaders massacred men, women and children without mercy, plundered their homes, desecrated and demolished their temples and robbed the wealth of these temples. The Hindus were converted to Islam at the point of the sword. For building mosques and converting hindus into muslims, and for establishing muslim raj, the hindu temple truesures are used. To rob the temple treasures the muslims destroyed the hindu temples.

    The very first Muslim attack on India in Sindh in the year 715 A.D by Arabs khaliffa led by Mohammad Bin Qasim. The next invasion was by Turk Sabuktagin. He had established himself in Khorasan and extended his kingdom extended to Kabul and Ghazni. In 986 AD he came into conflict with Raja Jaipal of Bathinda. In 991 A.D. Raja Jaipal allied with other Hindu king including Rajyapala the Prathira king of Kannauj and Dhanga the ruler of the distant Chandela kingdom but they too were defeated.

    Mahmud of Ghazni : The elder son-in-law of Sabuktagin, Mahmud of Ghazni assumed the throne in 997 AD. He was very conscious of the wealth he could achieve from further conquests into India. He was also a religious fanatic who aimed to spread Islam. Mahmud is said to have invaded India seventeen times between 1001 -1027 AD. King Jaipal and later his son Anandpal resisted Mahmud but were defeated. Between 1009 A.D and 1026 A.D he invaded Kangra, Thaneshwar, Kanauj, Mathura, Gwalior, Kashmir and Punjab. In 1025AD Mahmud invaded Somnath and looted its temple on the coast of Saurashtra or Kathiwar. Enormous treasure of the fortified temple was looted. His last invasion was in about 1027 AD. He died in 1030AD.

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      Muzaffar and Mohammed. dont make stories. the history printed by both side. hindu write with disgust and muslim write with proud.

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    It is an interesting fact to note that the Hindu temples were looted & destroyed by all the conquers irrespective of the religion. Even the neighboring Hindu Kings also used to do the same because the kings and the elites used to store their wealth in the temples.

    The kings and the elites of all the big and small Indian states accumulated wealth by exploiting the poor and the low cast people. The few elites lead a very good life and the poor majority suffered and starved. The elite used to store the wealth in the temples so that the god fearing poor majority do dare to steal it from there; even if it meant that they starved to death.

    The elites of the neighboring kingdoms knew that the temples were used more as a bank (or a safe locker for storing wealth) than as a religious place. So, naturally they destroyed the temples in search of wealth.

    In many cases, the gold, silver and precious stones were hidden inside the wall or below the floor. A typical example of modern times discovery is the Sri Padmanabhan temple of Trivandrum, Kerala.

    So, there is no wonder that the temples were destroyed; you and I would do the same if we came to know about the possibility of a huge pile of treasure hidden in some place.

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    Muslims not destoyed hindu idols. some hindu extremists destroyed mosque in ayodya.

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      he is *******. doesnt know anything about history of india. because hes not indian. *******

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    The temples were destroyed not now but nearly 500 years back. Being literates, we should not hear the words of politicians like illiterates. Temples were demolished and mosques were built not now but 500 years back. For the 500 years, Muslims are praying in that place.

    Is it sense to comment on what happened before 500 years?

    If the Hindus are more common peoples, why are you commenting about that now?

    It is been happened before 500 years. Don t the Hindus have temples to pray now.

    We should understand one thing that it is the time of kings at which time battles are allowed and even now it is allowed. All knows that why USA is demolishing IRAQ, AFGAN, SYRIA, etc when there are more countries like Somalia in the world to get developed and to safe guard the peoples. But why that were not even spoken and discussed about more. This is happening in front of your eyes. A country is demolishing other country for oil. Though the entire peoples knows that it is wrong they won’t ask. Because the suffering country is a Muslim country.

    When a country is been defeated by any King, then the King has authority to do anything what he wants like how Gujarat incident has happened in which 22,000 peoples have been killed violently. But even during the time of Kings, No Muslim King has killed any people like this. Instead the Muslim kings were friendly like Akbar who had began DEEN ILAHI by combining Islam and Hinduism.

    But the entire world is speaking badly about ISLAM without knowing what ISLAM is.

    Prophet Muhammed ( SAL ) didn t teach us violent but mercy. The best example that I want to quote here is not only for non Muslims but to the MUSLIMS especially for the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.

    While the Holy Mecca is been captured by Prophet Muhammed ( SAL ), the non Muslims of Mecca were all in the fear and didn t came out of their house because of death fear. But Prophet has announced that all the non Muslims of Mecca are excused (in which a non Muslim who killed Prophet s uncle was also alive).

    So the Prophet had excused even the enemies of Islam who had killed and tortured the Muslims in front of the Prophet. This is what Islam says. Not violent.

    So no Muslim is allowed to do terrorist activities. Even if you do that you have to take revenge only on the particular personality who made any great fault and not on the common peoples. It is perfectly ***** (forbidden).

    I think the above mentioned example is enough to understand what Islam says about humanity.

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      then for what you keep on hating jew for 1400 year thing ? so easy to advice others. somnath incident printed in our genetic. we dont need yr f****ing advice. you dont understand anything and think can advice? read your quran and hadith before talk about islamic tolerance. Ghazni = muhammad.

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    Because Islam is the sickest of all sick religions, I'm an Atheist but I have no desire to pull down Churches, demolish Mosques or otherwise deface temples. But if you are a Muslim it seems that defacing things which other religions hold dear is a good idea... Isn't that ironic when we consider that the mere drawing of Mohammad makes Muslims go completely mad and start violent protests often resulting in murder.

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      Actually muslims are happy for the temple demolition and unhappy because they dont convert whole india with sword. now they act like a tolerant to international community. whenever they have power , first they will kill infidel, destroy temple and built mosque, take non muslim woman as sex slave.

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    They will destroy anything that is not prescribed in their religious text that was written by barbaric attitude, their religion has an expansion policy. and destroying and converting people is their primary obligation. Peace has a different meaning to them. In the name of peace they will destroy because its their way or NO WAY. They are basically insecure people hence they avoid mingling with others, because they themselves know that their faith is week and meaningless. To prove they are right they will do anything. Take history or read the koran its all about war, ambush, wife beating, child marriage, multiple wives, no property rights for women. marrying daughter in laws. This is so screwed.

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    Muslims have attacked, India. So obviously they wish to expand their king dom and what ever comes in their way, they will destroy.

    Hindu and Muslim religions are obvious different 'on surface'. So those religious leaders who are just without in depth knowledge of their own religion, are making wrong interpretations of their own religions and creating more animosity between people of various religions.

    So, this looks like a logical step that a winner or rulers of religion, will certainly create harms to loosing kingdom.

    They say every is fair in love and war. This is really ridiculous and myopic statement.

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    Islam is so hery harmful and evil. Why doesn't our govt eliminate islam?

    Because we are not uncivilized like muslims, we believe in pliralism. But muslims only see this as weakness of hindus. Bur uniformcivil code must be applied, article 370 removed, mislim immigrants thrown out of assam and bengal etc, and madrasas mist ne forced to follow govt syllabus. We WILL slowly but surely wipe out the evil of islam from india and beyond. Not with violence, but with proper education and free thought. Islamic indoctrination of children must be stopped by madrasas immediately.

    Civilized ppl give each other such freedoms, and are plural by nature. Your post clearly shows you are not civilized, you are a muslim.

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    Most monotheist religions are intolerant of other faiths. Just like Muslims destroyed many temples in India, Christians destroyed many pagan places of worship in Europe and the New World. Even other religions like Hinduism, Roman religion, Zoroastrianism, Greek religion, etc., have done the same thing. Everytime an army conquers new land, they have tried to impose their faith on the conquered people. However, compared to monotheist religions pagans and polytheists are more tolerant of other faiths.

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    100% , conspicuously the Muslim rulers built so may mahals and forts but they have no use to common people in history only for their self enjoyment also musilm rulers destroyed thousands of Temples in medieval period, even tajmahal is self emblem of one of Muslim ruler.

    I agreed above conversation.

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    Okay. I know I am gonna get many thumbs down for this. But they did so because they are like that! Not all,but a good number of them is like that. They are nicest people when they come to us individually, but when they are with their community, they may get highly intolerant of other faiths. They are still doing this stuff. Like in Kashmir, they are doing genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. But our govt doesn't want to do anything because they are Muslim-oriented. That's other subject though. But they are very sensitive about religion.

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